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So, I'm trying to get back into 40k after an 8 year break.

So here is my 2k list for my beloved witch hunters!

Before we get started, here's why I build this as I did.
- I have always built a puritan witch hunters list
- My friend wants to play this "new game" he found and wants to play orks. I told him I played a while ago but never told him the army...

HQ (100):
Uriah Jacobus

Troops (825):
Battle Sister Squad (x5)
1 Vet with storm bolter
1 Heavy flamer
1 flamer
2 Standard sisters
1 immolator with laud hailer & storm bolter

Fast attack (203):
Dominion Squad
4 melta guns
1 Vet
1 bolter sister
1 immolator with laud hail er & storm bolter

Heavy Support (390):
Exorcist with storm bolter x3

Inquisition Detachment:
HQ (43):
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
-with power armor, bolt pistol and Power sword

Elite (434):
Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband
2 Arco flagellant
2 Crusaders
2 Death Cult Assassins
2 priests with bolt pistol and Power sword
Land raider with storm bolter

Total points: 1993
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