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Adding to an ork army on a budget.

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Hey, i need some help here.

I am buying my brother a birthday present, some stuff for his ork army, but I don't know shit about ork strategy beyond "Waaagh! Fear us and our massively large axes" and as such, am not sure what to buy him.

I have about $45 to spend, I can't go any higher.

I was just wondering if any serious ork players knew enough about this stuff to recommend something to me. He's just starting out, and as such just has a few mobs of shoota boyz and an extremely cheesy warboss. (He got a little carried away with the wargear.)

Thanks in advance.
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Cool. The boyz were my first thought, but since he has no vehicles, I was really trying to see if I could get him one of those. This, again, is a question of strategy, because just because I can get three warbikes for $45, should I? What would substantially add to his force, and help him kick ass? The only army he really plays is my IG, since he's too young to do any tournaments or anything like that. I dunno if that helps you out.
I was just using the warbikes as an example, I didn't actually know if they were a viable option or not.

I think what I'll do is get him some boyz and a trukk. That seems to be the overwhelming opinion. Thanks guys.
All right, cool. Thanks again.
He has one box, minus one cause it got stepped on. (playing on the floor is not a good idea btw)

He's a new player, so I'm trying to break him little by little. I'm obviously not going to drop all 1500 points of guard onto him at once, but it would be nice to be able to attack him w/ more than just a single platoon, hence the aforementioned present.

I'll check the site out, thanks.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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