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Adding to an ork army on a budget.

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Hey, i need some help here.

I am buying my brother a birthday present, some stuff for his ork army, but I don't know shit about ork strategy beyond "Waaagh! Fear us and our massively large axes" and as such, am not sure what to buy him.

I have about $45 to spend, I can't go any higher.

I was just wondering if any serious ork players knew enough about this stuff to recommend something to me. He's just starting out, and as such just has a few mobs of shoota boyz and an extremely cheesy warboss. (He got a little carried away with the wargear.)

Thanks in advance.
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Three warbikes its not enough, they will get shot to bits.
They would cost about £18 here so I will stick to around that figure.

Tok about got it with a truck, great to deliver your Boyz or Warboss to the action.You could probaly get himm a Burna, Big Shoota or Rokkits for his mobs on top.
More Boyz is good as has been said you can never have enough.

But if its big and shiny you want you could get a Chimera to loot and make a spare Orky turret and fuel tanks to use it as a Hellhound, two tanks for the price of one!! (Its great for orks as you get the two chance to hit thing with its templete and can be real fun to make and play).

If you want to know more about converting one up you can PM me and/or look in the Gallery as mines in there (about page 1 or 2).
He has one box, minus one cause it got stepped on. (playing on the floor is not a good idea btw)
Gork or Mork must have been angry or Summink!
(There was a spell that did this many moons ago :lol: )

Let us know how he is doing agaisnt you, I too have a Newb younger brother to train so it will be interesting to see what training techniques you come up with.

PS. Fantasy Orks make great boyz when you use the leftover arms from your first 40k box and you get more and a Nob in the box.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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