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Adding to an ork army on a budget.

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Hey, i need some help here.

I am buying my brother a birthday present, some stuff for his ork army, but I don't know shit about ork strategy beyond "Waaagh! Fear us and our massively large axes" and as such, am not sure what to buy him.

I have about $45 to spend, I can't go any higher.

I was just wondering if any serious ork players knew enough about this stuff to recommend something to me. He's just starting out, and as such just has a few mobs of shoota boyz and an extremely cheesy warboss. (He got a little carried away with the wargear.)

Thanks in advance.
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A Trukk is an excellent idea if he does not have one. A lot depends on what style of Ork's he's playing. A Killa Kan can be worthless to one Warboss and important strategy piece to another, so, as has been said, more Boyz are always useful, since nearly every type of ork unit is just a modified Boyz Boxed set.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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