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Adapt & overcome - my conversion to AoS

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okay so i might be a little late to the party, between moving house and going between jobs its been practically a whole year for me not seriously doing anything hobby related. i would check in every month or so but im back, and what i have had to face was "what do i do with WHFB?"

i had a good 2000pt skaven army, 90% painted, when suddenly GW released Age of Sigmar, my immediate reaction was of course anger, i was ready to grab my pitchfork and hop on the GW hate Bandwagon. i understood that alot of people were angry, some going to the extent of burning their entire army

but over time i became interested. especially when i found the warscroll compendiums for all the old armies. but still the burning question of whether to keep to the old ways and live without growth, or to convert to AoS, resonated in my head. converting wouldn't be too hard just would need to swap the bases.

i read a little into the rules, the lack of points system is kinda annoying but then again, when has a real life battle ever had 100% force equality. it looks really simple and would be so much easier to convert an interested mate into, you can just walk into a store and start a new force without having to buy an armies book and a tonne of units, its alot like the LotR strategy battle game really.

in my view AoS was actually a good move by GW, sure some bridges were burned...


...with old players leaving, but in turn this new game is new player friendly, for years ive been seeing how people leaving 40k have gone to Mantic's version of it, 'deadzone' or something i dunno, and this game was really simplistic and easy to get new people into it - much like what AoS is

with so much freedom ive been inspired enough to dust off my 25% completed lizardmen force, im going to paint strip them and re-base them.

WIP, and yeah i only just noticed the horribly huge mold line.

ill be starting a lizardmen blog thing soon
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welcome to the new world(s) I would love to follow your journey with lizardmen(seraphon) into AoS and can recommend having a look at the newer rules for them, they are a pretty strong army.
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