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Well I've been hanging about here for almost 6 months, not very active yet, and noticed I hadn't made an introduction.

My name's Kenny, my age is too old and I'm from the highlands of Scotland.
I got into 40K because my son wanted to play about 4 years ago, I'm still going but it's "not his scene" anymore, maybe later. I started with dark eldar, still in many ways my favourite army, moved on to the Night Lords and I am currently using my Trojan Storm marines. I am more of a gamer than painter and will be at GT heat 1 this year, if I get a ticket, placed 138th in last years heat, go me!
I paint, not that well but it's more than 3 colours and a base of flock, but try to always use painted figures in games against people, just something I think you should do really.
I do a bit of mountain biking and white water kayaking when I get the time. And I also like malt whisky, got to really where I live.
That's me in a nutshell, hopefully I'll be a bit more active around here now the introductions over


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Welcome my man. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

I am always envious of folk either from or who have been to Scotland. SO want to visit there, see where my family comes from.

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You have nothing to complain about Wraith, your a hell of a lot closer than I am, at least your in the same hemisphere.

You guys have no idea how hard it is for a NZ born Scot growing up in NZ :lol:

Welcome again you lucky bugger.
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