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I had a read up on Abbadon recently, and I recalled when Epimetheus and his fate was discussed that appeared to be this. But it might have been another psyker from Pythos.


I paid note to:
During his centuries of exile, Abaddon visited each of the six Daemon Primarchs, attempting to receive aid from each.


From Fulgrim, the Despoiler was given the favor of Slaanesh in exchange for a Pythosian Psyker, offered as an unblemished vessel to contain the avatar of Slaanesh.

So its clearly not Epimetheus as previously thought, as Abby's exile happened post Scourging and during the Inter-Legionary wars. So there must be something else of importance going on at Pythos, which the upcomming HH novel the Damnation of Pythos might shed light on.
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