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A quick question on dragons

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Hi everyone, I'm toying with the idea of a misty moutians army with a dragon, cave drake when it comes out and maybe shelob for moster goodness.

I would like to ask what everyone's experience playing/facing monsters are since i've only played a handfull of matches due to everyone else either not playing lotr or not having enough models for a wotr army.

But my dragon question is this, the dragon has the breathe fire ability which is a shooting attack with 12 inch range at strength 10, but can he cast spells and/or charge in the same turn? it does not say what kind of ranged attack it is (ie, throwing weapon or bow or something else, it's obviously not a bow but he may have to move 1/2 distance to breathe fire), Does anyone if the dragon can cast magic and/or breathe fire and/or charge in a single turn?

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is this fro sbg or wotr? If it's sbg then yes you would be able to move and use a breathe fire, it counts a bow so it would be move at half rate. Also he would be able charge in the same turn as using magic. Magic is done at anypoint during the move phase, ie before, durin, after. He cannot breathe fire if he is in close combat, you fire a ranged weapon when the enemy are trying to kill you. So yes you would be able to cast a spell and still shoot fire but if you charge after casting a spell then no you cannot shoot fire.

In my experiance using a moster in sbg is so overpowered, your enemy will either have to ignore it and work around it or they will send everything they have at it. I believe the best way to get the intended use from a monster is in a seige where the enemy have a chance to kill it with seige weapons. As for the smaller skirmishes, i think it would be rather un-sportman like to use one. Especially the dragon or balrog, and perhaps the mumakil aswell.
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