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A question on Close Combat

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I know that you don't get +1 attack in close combat from a pistol if you're using a specialist weapon, and that you will get the bonus if you have two specialist weapons, but my question is this.

If you have two specialist weapons if different types, do you get the benefits from both weapons, or do you have to pick which weapon you are using and the other only grants +1 attack?

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Yeah you get your +1 attack, but have to pick which weapons profile you use. So you cant get the lightning claw shred reroll to wound while doubling your strength with your powerfist.
There seems to be 1-2 minor exceptions to this rule such as Blade of Blood what gives the person with it the Rampage rule, regardless of if they are using it or not. Just by having it on the character gives it the rule. So is often the counterpart to either a Axe of Khorne or Eternal Blade.
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