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I've only just joined this forum (well dur:shok:) and already think its brilliant:eek:k:
I have collected Warhammer 40k for 5 years or so and have 3 proper armies and a host of other stuff that I have thought about collecting. My main army at the moment is a Nurgle Chaos Space Marines Force called The Reborn which are going at about 2,000 points strong at the moment but will probably increase after Christmas:grin:. (I've also written a piece of background about them on the Fluff forum and an Army list that I use when playing pick-up games. )
I also have over 2,500 of Space Marines of a chapter of my own devising;the Emperors Brethren and a 1,500-2,000 point list of Tau Empire of the Sept World Dal'yth. (Lists and background forthcoming)
I belong to a Wargaming Club, the Trinity Wargaming Society and have the good fortune to live in Nottingham allowing me to visit Warhammer World on Saturdays.
I have always wanted to be a writer for the Black Library and as such will be posting quite a lot of background (hopefully) but also enjoy playing the game so tactical articles (especially on Plague Marines!) will also be written sometime!
The Reborn

Jac "Baneblade" O'Bite
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Welcome mate

Good to see another budding writer amounst us. Be great if we could see some of your mini's as well.

I'm so envious of you - being able to go to WW once is a dream - let alone being able to go any time you like.
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