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A New Twist on my BA @ 2k

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I've been playing my BA a fair amount kinda one-way recently. Decided to shake up my HQ section and run a moderately death star-ish unit of a ML2 Biomancy casting Libby and Chaplain with my 10 man Death Company with two power fists. It meant dropping my beloved Priest with Sanguinary Guard (which left me quite nervous, to be honest. They're a god-damned wrecking ball in my games), but it worked out swimmingly. I'm not even sure you could come up without anything useful off Biomancy rolling two dice...maybe Life Leech and Haemorrhage but those are both useful in their own way. Hell, Smite killed two Chaos Terminators in my last game which really helped the odds in the upcoming melee. I've also wanted to include both of my Stormravens. This isn't something I typically do and would never do to someone who hadn't ruined me with FW models, but alas some fliers you just can't ignore while focusing on mission objectives. I've also found that a lone SR just isn't what it used to be for me (ie. these dudes are way better with their fliers than my buddy was with his Heldrakes, and my buddy ruined me a lot of times in 6th with those bastard turkeys) and would like to even try out its transport capacity after years of disappointment...on Tactical marines! Which brings me to this list:

Baal Strike Force Detachment


Chaplain - crozius, valour's edge, jump pack, digital weapons

Librarian - ML2, force sword, jump pack, digital weapons


10x man Death Company - 2x power fists, jump packs

Furioso Dreadnought - frag cannon, power fist w. heavy flamer, drop pod

Furioso Dreadnought - frag cannon, power fist w. heavy flamer, drop pod


10x man Tactical squad - heavy flamer, meltagun

10x man Tactical squad - heavy flamer, meltagun

Fast Attack

10x man Assault squad - 2x meltaguns, power fist, drop pod

10x man Assault squad - 2x meltaguns, power sword

Heavy Support

Stormraven - twin-linked assault cannon and multi-melta

Stormraven - twin-linked lascannon and multi-melta

2000 points bang on.

It's....a lot in Reserve. Depending on my opponent's army and if I get Descent of Angels as a Warlord Trait I might actually keep the whole damn thing in Reserve and hope for the best. The Chaplain is typically the Warlord since he has a 4++ save.

Any thoughts, my fellow Heretics?

Red is for the staff, thank you - darkreever
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Sorry bro id dont use BA, but having read Fear To Tread i do have a lot of respect for them even if some of them are a bit 'fancy' looking.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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