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Hey all this is a message from FW I thought you guys should know.

With the recent release of WH40K Apocalypse and the forthcoming Christmas period demand for Forge World models is at an all time high. This has unfortunately led to delays in processing of all orders. Demand for certain models (especially those featured in the Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse rulebook) has been extremely high. Please rest assured we are still committed to despatching orders to all our customers as quickly as possible but significant delays may be unavoidable. If your order is time sensitive or you wish to check the availability of a particular item we recommend you call our customer service team on

0115 916 8177 from the UK
01144 115 916 8177
from the US or Canada
0044 115 916 8177 from within Europe
We apologise to all our customers for any inconvenience these delays have caused.

Due to the current very high demand for our products our very last order date for holiday delivery has had to be revised to that shown below. Your order should reach us no later than the date listed and you should choose the Express delivery option. Delivery is also dependant on available stock, and so if you`ve a specific item you really need in time for Christmas, the best thing to do is get your order in to us as quickly as possible! We can no longer guarantee delivery before Christmas of new orders placed without the express delivery option.
UPS Express (UK and International) -3rd December

Hope that clears up some problems you guys might have.

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You think thats bad, im looking into trying to buy an Imperial Guard Armour Regiment, With my infantry being the 'Death Core of Krieg' thats some serious spending, when you add up the infantry, the salamander comand vehicles, the trojans, the earth shacker artillery pieces, the rough riders!!!!!

Ha 250.00 for freee delivery here i come, LOL

no i dont think it i will even dream about doing that all at once!
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