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Name: Felix Vonjaeger
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has black hair contrasted by bright blue eyes. He is handsome but his crooked nose (broken in a fist fight) gives him a rugged look. His muscles are slightly more developed than most as he spends hours hammering metal in his fathers forge.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 160lbs

Personality: He is outgoing and likes to talk to just about everyone he can. He is also a good listener, enjoying the many tales that he has heard over the years. He can be a bit arrogant sometimes as he believes his family to be better than others on account of them owning the smithy and making a more than decent living.

Village Job: Blacksmith's assistant

Background: Felix comes from a long line of blacksmiths, so when he was old enough, his father began teaching him how to beat metal into shape. The lessons became more advanced until he knew the basics of every smithing process. He would often go around with his younger brother bragging about the success of the family, getting them into a spot of trouble every now and then and earning him his broken nose.
When the beastmen attacked, Felix had sneaked out of the house to practice some of the more advanced metal binding techniques. A single beastman burst through the door, screaming his war cry, to which Felix responded by fearfully throwing a shovelful of burning coal at the creature. It, along with the building caught fire and Felix escaped out the window after grabbing his fathers hammer. Looking back and knowing it was too late for the others, he fled the village, tears of anger and sadness streaming down his face.

Weapons: He carries his own hammer and his fathers slightly larger forging hammer.

Equipment: He was wearing his protective leather clothing at the time of the attack, as the thick leather apron. A small tinder and flint box, rough woolen cloak, bedroll, backpack, and 1 man tent.
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