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Hey all !

SO this site is looking pretty cool !

As you already knew, i'm new here and so I guess I'll blather on for a while about who I am etc etc.
So I am mainly a fantasy player I play tabletop and the roll playing version of warhammer fantasy, and have been part of the Warhammer community on and off since I was 8 years old ! ( I am now 25 ) and I'm still just as amazed by the Warhammer universe as I was then, if not more so !

I collect Skaven and Chaos Warriors ! I like being the bad guy... It makes me happy :D

I am currently trying to get myself up to around 2 000 points with the two armies, it's faster going with WoC because evidently they cost a hell of a lot of points in comparison to Skaven, so i'm focusing a lot more on them, and also i'm waiting for the Skaven book to be redone, not long now ! I can't wait to see what wonderful treats await !

Why Wolff-the-Bloody you ask ? Well one of my units of chaos warriors that i'm working on is Khorne marked, but as an act of rebellion i've decided to paint them blue rather than red ! HA ! And they are going to be called the Blood Wolves ! Wulff the Bloody is my exalted hero of Khorne, who in my current army lists is also my BSB. So there you go !

I'm looking forward to learning what I can from all of you, and if ever you want to get in touch, Don't hesitate to message me !

Take it easy all !
Be speaking to you all soon !

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Good to see another Fantasy player. With Skaven and WoC, ypu can expect good things to come from the new End Times supplement eventually (once they've gone past the Nagash boner stage ;D).

And WoC are hella easy to paint up quickly - 20pt or so a model with large wide flat armour spaces do well.

I'm not too up on 8th edition fantasy, been away from it for too long the inherent imbalances are extremely annoying, although I do have a box of Eternal Guard knocking about needing painting as wood elves were my first army. Used to play Vampires and Warriors of Chaos back in 7th. Did a couple of months with 8th edition vampires but rolling over people with knoght bus and a vampore lord who just couldn't be killed soon got old and I didn't have the money to spend on changing it up.

Hope to see you around!

Awesome dp as well. That Hordes of Chaos cover always was awesome. Just a shame Adrian Smith isn't as prolific anymore.


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Right, attempt number two at reading your intro seeing as I managed to close the wrong bloody tab...... :blush:

Welcome aboard! :good:
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