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Hi there, after playing a few games against Tau a have a few questions, I was hoping I could get some answers to.

1. Markerlights. Can someone explain to me how they are supposed to work? Can you really put one markerlight on and have the whole army use the benefit of that one markerlight?

Sort of. When a Markerlight hits, it places a token. One unit is then allowed to use that marker, expending it. However, if a squad of 5 Pathfinders hits with 5 Markerlights, then depending on what you use them for, 5 different units could theoretically enjoy the benefits. OR one unit could spend all 5 markers.

2. Can the commander and retinue purchase an item that lets them not scatter when they deepstrike?

No. However, 'Through Boldness, Victory' which is one of their warlord traits, allows this. Farsight has it automatically.

3. Can they commander have two blast template (one being large) weapons, plasma and melta guns, along with the onager(not sure if that's its name) gauntlet?

A commander can technically purchase four guns, but can only fire two at a time. He can take Fusion Blaster, which is a melta, Plasma rifle, which is pretty standard. He can take an Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, which is a Large Blast Barrage, and he can take a Cyclic Ion Blaster, which can cause a Blast but Gets Hot!. He can't take any of the support systems if he loads every slot with guns, however. The Onager Gauntlet is an 'artifact' for Tau, so is one per army but can be taken on top of the guns. Note that the Airburst and the Cyclic Blaster are both one per Detachment.

4. I thoroughly dislike the amount of ignoring cover, line of sight, ap4 Twinlinked missile they put out...

You're referring to Smart Missile Systems. They're backup weaponry for Riptides and Broadsides, and can be purchased for their tanks. They're decent backup weapons, but they're NOT Ap4. They're a +1S over bolters, but with better range, better rate of fire, and better benefits, but their AP is weak. They can also get Ignores Cover using Markerlights.

I would check myself, though I don't have access to the codex myself, but geez I see why people don't like playing Tau.
The biggest weakness in Tau is melee. They usually win a shooting war, because that's what their built for.
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