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A few random SM questions.

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I’m new to 40k and I’m trying to put together a solid 1500 pt list. In trying to do so I had some questions pop up.(Also if this is the wrong forum to post this in let me know, general didn’t seam like the right place.)

For tactical squads their load out says they have bolter pistols. Does that mean that if I’m ever in a spot where assaulting with them is actually smart I can have them use the pistols to fire before the assault?

For 1500 pts how many Tactical Squads w/ Rhinos is enough? Right now I’m planning to field three but I’d like to drop it down to two to free up some points if possible.

I’ve read some post about how fielding a single lascannon predator is a bad idea because it’ll attract too much fire, so am I correct in assuming that they should be deployed in pairs?

For Rhinos and Fire Points, the rules say that if the Rhino moved then the squad inside has moved, does that mean that if the rhino moves then any heavy weapons, like a missile launcher, can’t fire? Also can I spilt a tactical squad into 2 combat squads and still deploy them inside the same rhino so I can split their fire?

And finally the really big question for me is, terminators vs. assault marines. Which one do you guys like better? I only have enough points left for a 5 man terminator squad or a full strength assault squad. I know terminators will always bring the hurt, but in my mind they face the challenge of actually getting close enough to an enemy to actually use those power fists of theirs to use. And so far I’ve been able to use assault marines to great effect as long as I use them wisely by making sure they get the bonus extra attack and not use them against enemy elites.

Thanks guys.
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OK, I feel a little dirty for doing this... but check out Kriby's blog.. there is a section there on army composition....

Here's the addy: http://kirbysblog-ic.blogspot.com/p/armies-in-5th-edition-articles.html

In all seriousness though... he has a lot of good info.
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