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1. No, they only count as 2 models for how much space they take up, they still count as 1 model for shooting from Fire Points.

2. You roll each order, then you immediately resolve its effects (shooting a vehicle with TL guns, for example), then you move on to the next order.

3. Only the Techpriest has to forgo shooting (and presumably any Servitors helping him, but they don't have guns).

4. That's how many INCHES the blast is, D3", plus 3"; that's the radius of the blast; you scatter the blast as normal, but instead of a blast marker, you just mark the point it lands on.
From this point, you measure your 4-6", and anything in that distance suffers a hit.
Because it is not a blast marker, vehicle do not take a half-strength hit if they aren't at the centre, they take a full strength hit as long as they're within the distance..

1 - 3 of 3 Posts