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A Failed Tournament List

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So today I played in an 1850 tournament in Cleveland. I just moved to the area and though it would be a great chance to meet some new people. The list I wrote is like a sprinter, great in the short term (turns 1 and 2) and then fades fast.

I scored first blood and slay the warlord in all three games, but in the first two, they were my only points, as I couldn't hold objectives and got all but tables (1 Leman Russ left in the first two games). The third game I tabled my opponent turn 4. There was no terrain on any of the tables and we played The Relic, then a mission with 4 objectives, then one with 6 objectives and Maelstorm rules.

I like the idea, have never used a LoW before, and don't think I'm going to sink points into one again.

Lord Commissar
Vets- 1 Plasma, Chimera
Vets- 1 Plasma, Chimera
Vets, 2 Flamers, Chimera
LoW- Stormsword
Emperor's Fist Company
Enginseer with 1 servitor
Pask Punisher 3 heavy bolters
Exterminator with lascannon
Executioner with heavy bolter
Demolisher with heavy bolter
Punisher with heavy bolter

Usually I take 2 vendettas, putting a PCS and a special weapon team with flamers in them for linebreaker and late objective takers.

Other than dropping the LoW, how can I improve my list? I think it has potential.

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First, one of the big issues with using a shadowsword in a turn at that point level is how much it compromises the rest of your army. Your effectively going in with a 1350 army.

As for your second list:
I'd get melt as on the company command squad, don't waste their BS on flamers.

If your not going up against tons of flyers than I would say the one vendetta should be fine, and consider dropping the second one and infantry platoon and maybe bring the third vet squad.

Keep the heavy bolter on the exterminator and get it some heavy bolted sponsons.

Swap the executioner for an annihilator with hull lascanno and give the demolished a hull heavy bolter.

Consider taking an eradicator over the second punisher
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