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A Failed Tournament List

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So today I played in an 1850 tournament in Cleveland. I just moved to the area and though it would be a great chance to meet some new people. The list I wrote is like a sprinter, great in the short term (turns 1 and 2) and then fades fast.

I scored first blood and slay the warlord in all three games, but in the first two, they were my only points, as I couldn't hold objectives and got all but tables (1 Leman Russ left in the first two games). The third game I tabled my opponent turn 4. There was no terrain on any of the tables and we played The Relic, then a mission with 4 objectives, then one with 6 objectives and Maelstorm rules.

I like the idea, have never used a LoW before, and don't think I'm going to sink points into one again.

Lord Commissar
Vets- 1 Plasma, Chimera
Vets- 1 Plasma, Chimera
Vets, 2 Flamers, Chimera
LoW- Stormsword
Emperor's Fist Company
Enginseer with 1 servitor
Pask Punisher 3 heavy bolters
Exterminator with lascannon
Executioner with heavy bolter
Demolisher with heavy bolter
Punisher with heavy bolter

Usually I take 2 vendettas, putting a PCS and a special weapon team with flamers in them for linebreaker and late objective takers.

Other than dropping the LoW, how can I improve my list? I think it has potential.

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I don't play at tournaments and have no real interest in the scene, but since you tagged me:

- are you playing DKoK just for autocannon Chimeras

- why no weapons that make use of the Vet's BS4
I'm playing DKOK in name only. I like the models.
Autocannons aren't allowed on Chimeras out of the AM 'dex, but DKoK ones come stock with them if I recall their rules correctly...so...more than a name?

The models are friggin' sweet. If I ever truly collected a Guard army I would do a clean sweep of my collection and start from scratch with them.

I actually was thinking of dropping the demolisher to a punisher and giving the vet squad two plasma guns.
Your call on the tank choice, but shuffling some stuff around to allocate those Vets some weapons I think would be worth it.

Also thought about dropping the servitor, putting the enginseer with the vet squad and giving Pask a lascannon on the hull.
Both have their uses. I like the use of the lascannon more.
Three posts eaten. If I had something to say, I don't anymore.

Get your shit together, Heresy.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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