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I am running a tournament this weekend and someone brought up a few questions that I couldn't quite find the answer for.

1) Random move units such as squig hoppers. If a random move unit starts in an enemy units front arc can it target an enemies flank with its pseudo charge movement if it has the angle to do so? Random moving isn't technically a charge and I rarely get to see random move units.

2) a unit of night goblin spearmen has Skarsnik, a goblin bsb and around 10 night goblin bosses in it and is 8 wide. Skarsnik takes 3 places and the other 5 can be occupied by bosses with the bsb and command in the second rank along with the other 5 bosses. If someone strikes before the goblins and kills a few bosses then who would take their place? Would it be rank and file, The model directly behind them or the goblin players choice?

3) A goblin character mounted on a wolf is attached to a unit of trolls. The unit is in combat and the opposing side issues a challenge. Is the goblin allowed to refuse and gets sent to the back rank (even though this makes a weird base size situation) or is he not allowed to refuse the challenge?

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1) Very gamey, and is frowned upon, but wilful misreading of "resolved using the normal rules for charges" allows it. however, it's a wilful misreading, so no.

2) "When characters join a unit, they are placed in the front rank (regardless of distance). Rank-and-file models, except for the command group that must remain in the front rank, are moved to the back ranks to make room for the characters. If there is no more room in the front rank, some characters will have to go in the second rank." pg 97 BRB. Note you can only target models in Base Contact (except supporting attacks, which can only target those models in base contact with the front rank). I.e, if your goblin player wishes, he can keep Skarsnik in the second rank, if he has enough characters to fill the first rank, hope you kill enough goblin heroes on the charge.

For the sake of having the combat streamlined and attempting to read too much into being gamed where the rules don't support it either, the "step forward" is used by those directly behind.

3) Goblin on wolf can refuse a challenge, and get sent to the back rank. See "when footprints collide" pg 98.

Also, tell them to not be a cunt.

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