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At 2000 points, most good opponents will have enough ranged anti tank that 3 vindis and a dread just don't scare them. So you need to realize there is a critical flaw in your list that will be expoloited by a good opponent.

Yes, once you get into CC you'll do quite well... but you're gonna have a long walk to get there since you don't have enough threats on the board to cause your opponent to redirect fire once he pops the vindis (which is easy with side shots into AV11)

Assuming that you're set on the vindis though, I would consider some variant of the following....

2 Rune Priests for HQ
4 WG with Power Fist
2x 10 man Grey Hunter Packs - 2x Melta + Power Weapon
1x 8 man Grey Hunter Pack - Melta + Power Weapon
1x 9 man Grey Hunter Pack - Melta + Power Weapon
3x Land Speeder Typhoon
2x Dread w/ two Autocannons each
3x Vindicators

This way you'll be able to have a chance to do some tank hunting. You have 4 units that will do well in CC (and the Rune priests shoot living lightning at transports/MC in the meantime..)

But just the vindicators and dread alone are not enough of a threat
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