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Dozer blades on vindicators? Where do you imagine them going? Personally, I'd buy extra armor and not drive anywhere, so you can shoot every turn.
vindicators have a 24" range. most of the time you have to move them to be able to shoot them, and in doing so sometimes you go through cover and get immobilized. im not a big fan of the vindi spam though.

Consider drop pods if you're going to spam marines and also have a Dreadnought. You could take advantage of cheap combi weapons on your WG pods and unload with up to 20 plasma shots,10 melta or any combination of the above on landing. also, cheap power weapons on the WG means that if you wanted to get crazy you could have 4-5 in each squad and still have models to toss as casulties.
drop pod armies are good and all but you dont get your whole army all at once. plus once you come in your a lot slower moving. with the wolf guard, yea sure you can have a bunch of special weapons, but when you do this the unit becomes more of a target.

i would drop the mark on the WG though to add a second cc weapon, maybe 2 fists or a pw and a fist if thats what you like.

Also, in your 10 man GH squads, rather than specializing each squad with a type of heavy weapon, consider saving points by taking the free flamer and then putting a free plasma or melta on the 10th man.
this is a good idea, but if you need plasma 2 is better than 1. also plasma isnt really worth it on grey hunters. you cant assault afterwards, and your like oh, but i have counter attack, but then they get more attacks. it's better just to charge in most cases. id say load up on melta.

ive said it before, power fists on grey hunters is a waste. 1-2 attacks with a fist isnt worth 25 points. not when WG can be put in the squad and get 2-3.
and on top of that its cheaper.

wg with fist 38
grey hunter with fist 40

now you say you lose a special weapon? for 5 points you can give the WG a combi weapon. also he boosts the grey hunters leadership up to 9.
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