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A call to arms! Astra Militarum Steel Legion Armoured Company Project Log.

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Hey everyone,

So as you might have seen in the project logs, i've put up a page of my latest Crimson Fists army. Interlaced with the Crimson Fists, I was challenged by a few friends to field a ‘Non Power Armour’ army! Challenge accepted!!

So I decided after a bit of a look around, I was tempted by the new Skitarii, and also Tau and Eldar. Until I finally decided to unleash my inner treadhead, and as such here is the start of my Steel Legion

Armoured Company:

Commander Morgan, ‘Count as Pask’:

Bodyguard Eradicator:

Always enjoyed the look and idea of fielding Pask, so I decided to make my own version for my Steel Legion armoured company using the DKoK tank commander model, it’s not quite a Steel Legion model, but suitable enough to look like a tank commander for them! I was going to go for a Executioner bodyguard, but as my current list is only 1000pts, I went for a cheaper Eradicator, which has proven to be very effective against taking out pesky Pathfinders in cover!

I am using Veterans in Chimeras as troops, got two squads in Chimeras for now but will be expanding with the help of the Astra Militarum tech command kit and also some Scions for veterans in Tauroxes. Here is a few photos of the support tanks and the Wyvern i've built as artillery support:

After reading in the codex about Wyverns, I knew I had to get one, and the 4 blast markers and shred per turn has been devastating, and at 65pts a tank it’s a steal! I plan to make a full squadron of three of these!

Here’s a group shot of them on a battlefield last month, altogether they look really good! Just got to use army markings on them now and they’ll be complete. Future additions include more veterans, few more support tanks / walkers and definitely a super heavy, probably a Hellhammer (Anything that ignores cover at the moment I’m finding in games is a must!).

Hope you enjoy the first part of this log. I'll post up next photos of the infantry squads i've assembling and extra support tanks!

Many thanks
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Really well painted, I like the scheme, will you be adding army/unit iconography or leaving them plain? Will ou be up gunning the chimeras or keeping the multi las? Also have a cookie! Edit: Forgot to say, the tank commander looks really impressive!
Well I do not have the latest Guard dex or Imperial armor, but you used to be able to up gun the turret to twin linked bolters or an auto cannon, you could also throw on a H.K missile on the side of the turret to make it look more real world infantry fighting vehicle. For the unit insignia inspiration, you could go for N.A.T.O military marking from the first gulf war or ze vorld var 2 Germans
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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