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A BaC contemptor's fall to chaos

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I picked up a Betrayal at Calth box not too long ago, and decided that many of the figures have a very Tzeentch feel to them. I quickly decided that I had a massive conversion project coming up, which fits just oh-so-conveniently into my backlog of in-process and upcoming projects. Step one: hereticalize the included Contemptor model!

Here are the first few steps:

Step 1: Replace filthy loyalist helmet head with a spare Helbrute face.

Step 2-4: More modification.

Replaced melta-nonsense with trusty Heavy bolters, DCCW fingers with claws, carved some Tzeentchy stripes into some armor plating, test-fit some horns, and slightly embiggened him with some plasticard boot extenders.

Step five: Boot soles. Because Why live, if you can't get waaay too into a model?

Here's a direct link to the Imgur album; it has a few more pictures than are presented here. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.
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Stoked to see this model finished. Great work so far!
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