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Ok, so this is my project log for my IG army the 9th Hellfire regiment. I post up some fluff in the fluff section later on but for now, some pics.

first off my Leman Russ Exterminator
View attachment 8519

View attachment 8520

View attachment 8521

View attachment 8522

View attachment 8523

View attachment 8524

I for one am happy with how the paint job came out on this one. might add some more detail work to it later on but for now. im content.

next up is my Hellhound.
View attachment 8525
Fluff wise, this is Colonel Raskas, commander of the Hellfire tank companies, and his personal Hellhound Cerberus (original i know lol). havnt decided if i should use the same camo scheme as the leman russ, and im also planning on adding battle damage to make it look like its been in thru many fights with my friends trygon prime.

View attachment 8526

a close up of the Colonel, i like what i did using the spare shoulder armor from the original tank commander, makes him kinda look like M. Bison from street fighter.

View attachment 8527
"Enemies of the Imperium shall burn with the Emperors holy fire"

well thats all i got at the moment. currently working on my command squad, and am waiting for parts for my veteran squads. comments and criticism are welcome.

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:laugh: !!!! omg... the hell hounf commander with a flamer slays me! Thats a good one. Funny and fluffy if you read the IG codex.
I like your simple paint job with good depth and a complementing plasma color... good work I wanna see more!


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*blows dust off of topic* wow its been a while sense i posted. well thats college life for you i guess. anyways here is the progress ive made so far. and sorry in advanced for the cruddy pictures.

so about 3 squads of vetrans done plus my command squad
View attachment 11868

my command squad
View attachment 11871 View attachment 11872 View attachment 11873 View attachment 11874 View attachment 11875 View attachment 11876 View attachment 11877

Vetran squad 1:
View attachment 11878 View attachment 11879 View attachment 11880

Vetran squad 2: I love the hand flamer i gave the seargent. i also love the fact i found a use for all those vox heads. they look like good respirators so thats what i used for this squad
View attachment 11881 View attachment 11882 View attachment 11883

Vetran squad three at the moment isnt anything special, it was my first squad and for the most part badly painted and put together. with me just trying out diffrent techniques and trying to get a feel for my troops colors.
View attachment 11884 View attachment 11885

well i should have more pics up soon. started to paint them today so with hopes they might be done by the end of the week.
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