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Before the start of the battle, generate the Ct'an Powers of each C'TAN SHARD using the table below. You can roll a D3 to generate them randomly (rerolling duplicates), or pick the ones you want the C'tan Shard know.

  • Antimatter Meteor: Roll a D6; On a 2+ the closest visible enemy unit within 24" of the C'tan Shard takes D3 mortal wounds.
  • Time Arrow: Choose a visible unit within 24" from the C'tan shard and roll a D6. If the result is greater than than the Wound's characteristic, a model is killed.
  • Seismic Assault: Roll a D6 for each model in the nearest enemy unit within 24" of the C'tan Shard. For each result equal to 6 it suffers a mortal wound.
quantum shielding
Evertime this model suffers an unsaved wound, roll a d6. If the result is lower than the damage, ignore the damage
Reanimation Protocols
Reanimation protocols are made at the start of your movement phase. Roll a D6 for every slain model, on a 5+ it comes back. You can roll again in the following turns. You cannot roll if the whole unit is slain.
Gauss Weapons

  • Gauss Flayer 24" Rapid Fire 1 S4 AP-1 D1
  • Gauss Blaster 24" Rapid Fire 1 S5 AP-2 D1
  • Gauss Cannon 24" Heavy 2 S5 AP-3 D:D3
  • Heavy Gauss Cannon 36" Heavy 1 S9 AP-4 D:D6
  • Twin Linked Heavy Gauss Cannon 36" Heavy 2 S9 AP-4 D:D6
  • Gauss Flayer Array 24" Rapid Fire 5 S4 AP-1 D1
Tesla Weapons

  • Tesla Carbine 24" Assault 2 S5 AP0 D1
  • Tesla Cannon 24" Assault 3 S6 AP0 D1
  • Tesla Destuctor 24" Assault 4 S7 AP0 D1
  • Twin Linked Tesla Destuctor 24" Assault 8 S7 AP0 D1
  • Tesla Sphere 24" Assault 5 S7 AP0 D1
Tesla weapons special rule on a 6+ the weapon inflicts 3 hits instead of 1
Particle Weapons

  • Particle Caster 12" Pistol 1 S6 AP0 D1
  • Particle Beamer 24" Assault 3 S6 AP0 D1
  • Particle Shredder 24" Heavy 6 S7 AP-1 D:D3
  • Particle Whip 24" Heavy 6 S8 AP-2 D:D3
Doomsday Cannon
two profiles, the second has additonal rules but they are too small for me to read

  • low power 24" Heavy D3 AP-2 D:D3
  • high power 72" Heavy D3 Ap-5 D:D6
Heat Ray

  • dispersed 8" Heavy D6 S5 AP-1 D1
  • concentrated 24" Heavy ?3? S8 AP-4 D:D6
the dispersed heat ray is like a flamer it auto hits
the concentrated special rule might be the same like melta weapons
ctan powers

  • antimatter meteor: on a 2+, closest enemy in sight gets d3 mortal wounds
  • time arrow: choose an unit within 24 and roll a d6, if the result is more than the wound stat of the unit's models, remove a model
  • seismic assault: roll a d6 for each model of the closet unit within 24 of the ctan, for each 6 is a remove
  • Gaze of Death 12" Assault D6 S- AP-4 D:D3
Gaze of Death wounds on 2+, vehicles on 6+
at the start of enemy turn choose a character within 12 and it can't active rules
at the beginning of your turn choose a sautek infantry within 6 and add 1 to advance, charges and hit rolls passing madness: roll a d3, choose an infantry unit within 6 at the start of the turn

  • 1: avenge the fallen: + 1 attack
  • 2: stop the rebellion: +1 to bs
  • 3: sunmills? charge!: reroll charge

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These are someone else's translations, I do not know how well it is translated:

Warboss in Mega armour
Kustom Shoota is 18", Assault 4, S4, AP0, Dam 1 Power Klaw is Sx2, AP-3, DamD3, -1 to Hit
Can replace Kustom Shoota with any item from Shootas or Special Weapons
Has Mob Rule, 'ere we go!
Waaagh! Is Ork infantry within 6" can Charge and Advance in the same turn.
Smash heads is deal D3 mortal wounds to a nearby Ork mob to cancel the result of a failed Morale test.
Rokkit Launcha is 24", Assault 1, S8, AP-2, DamD3
Big Shoota is 36", Assault 3, S5, AP0, Dam1
Cannonsomethingsomething pick a profile Frag is 36", Heavy D6, S4, AP0, Dam1 Krak/Massive 36", Heavy 1, S8, AP-2, DamD6
Tank Kannon 24", Heavy D6, S7, AP-2, Dam2
Bombard(?) is 48", Heavy D6, S5, AP0, Dam1, can fire indirectly
Zzapgun is 36", Heavy 1, S2D6, AP-3, Dam3, if you get a 11+ on S it deals 3 mortal wounds instead
Crushing Ball S+1, AP-1, Dam1, cannot quite read all it says in the notes, but something about limiting the number of attacks to 3
Megagrabber (?) is SUser, AP-3, DamD3, can only attack once with this
Death-Rolla is SUser, AP-2, Dam1, this weapon hits on 2+ Explodes at 0 Wounds on a 6, dealing 6 mortal wounds within 6"
Closed up: Has T8 but loses open-topped
Moving Fortress: Ignores the penalty for moving and shooting Heavy weapons
Open-topped: Units embarked can shoot from it, but cannot do so while the unit is within melee range of an enemy unit.
Can carry 20 Ork infantry models, models in mega-armour take two spots. If you have taken the tank gun it can only transport 12 models.
Weapons: Gitrokkit can only be fired once per shooting phase, once per game
Deffkannon changes to Heavy2D6 when shooting at units of 20+ models
Choppa, two profiles. 2nd profile: 3 hits instead of one per attack
Special Rules are 'ere we go
Explodes at 0 Wounds on a 6 it deals D6 mortal wounds to units within 2D6"
Big and stompier: Can Fall Back and shoot or charge in the same turn. Can move over enemy models. Can shoot heavy weapons and move without penalty. Has to be more than 50% covered to gain cover bonuses.
Psychi-Dakka-Blasta! Can fire his Super-Megablasta more than once. Do so roll a D6, on a 2+ you can fire it again, on a 1 the ammo is used up and you cannot use the weapon anymore for the rest of the battle. For a third time the roll is 4+.
Orkish Icon: Friendly Units within 6" of a Stompa can re-roll failed Morale tests.
Can transport 20 Ork infantry models. Models in mega armour take two spots.

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Finally an Index leak that's interesting for me, thanks @scscofield :grin:

Sisters look interesting. So 1 Act of Faith standard(well, sort of, 2+) and it scales by adding Imagifiers (and Celestine) for more... and those things look pretty powerful. Need extra Movement to get into position? An extra Shooting phase with the heavy weapons of the Retributors? An extra Fight phase with Repentia(who can finally assault from transports) where the enemy doesn't even get to strike back? The flat out RETURN of a heavy weapon where the enemy thought it gone?

That's sure as hell better than the CURRENT set of Acts of Faith. It's probably even possible to form a gunline if you want to be an idiot about it.... mind you, as you can still grab all the special/heavy weapons you need with just 5 Sisters in the squad I don't think 5-sisters-in-an-Immolator is going anywhere but toward the enemy :laugh:

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Want to say most of this is repeat for admech but here it is:
Sooo my store has demo copies, so this is what I recall (had no working camera)
Keywords are Imperium, Adeptus mechanicus, <forge World>, Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii, it seems you can easily make an ad mech/<fW> army now as thats where all the abilities are tied too, Doctrina imperatives are gone now, they all use canticles there are 6, you can only use each one once unless you roll on the chart to use a random one (even one already expended as I understand it) the ones I recall reroll 1's to hit in assault reroll 1's to hit in shooting +1 str cover if out in open, nothing if in cover
omnispex' just ignore cover bonuses altogether
neutron lasers, rng 48 d3 shots str 10 ap -4 damage d6 but if you roll a 1 or 2 count it as 3 (so 3-6 damage)-45 points
Plasma cavaliers lost a shot but also lost gets hot, gained the over charge ability, -14 points the arquebi became str7 ap -2 damage I THINK 1 with the ability to target characters
Rangers/vanguard/ most infantry got Bionics- a 6+ invuln save The rangers got a small nerf their Galvanic rifless are str 4 ap 0 but ap -1 if they roll a 6 to wound,
vanguards stayed about the same, still doubling on 6's -1 T to things without the vehicle keyword within 1" of the vanguard
Onagers are t7 with 11 wounds, a 5+ invuln thats re-rollable if there is another onager within 6" (so that means you dont need to have them all in one unit) It looses M BS and A off of wounds, something like 8"/3+/3 from 6-11, 4-5 is 5"/4+/d3 and 1-3 is 3"/5+/1
Cawl is 8 wounds mostly the same with the solar atomiser being d3 Damage, or d6 in half range, lost his dataspike.
Statblocks for things about the same, Infiltrators Neurostatic aura is just -1 ld, ruststalkers transonic weapons are all damage 1 ap 0 but if you roll a 6 to wound its a mortal wound I was in a rush so I forgot to check M values Ill add more as I recall it

And some other things (DE)
"Dark Eldar/Druhkari via a friend, from an Eldar FB group: apply salt as required.
I've just read our index. I've got few observations to share. tl;dl it seems really balanced with every unit viable but without any really big power boost.
-First of all we have to wait for the proper Codex, becouse it's just the basics. Minimum special rules for the units and without any special items except weapons.
-Forget what you know about points values. almost everything have a different cost maybe except Venoms.
-Vehicles with 10+ wounds and being less likely to blow up should really benefit our faction.
-FNP is like in 7th game turn based. 1: 6+ inv 2:reroll run/charge 3:+1to hit but CC only

  • Archon would be a cheap HQ filler. Even Bestmaster is more expensive o_O and new huskblade is a joke. His special boost is just use my LD or whatever.
  • Haemonculus give +1t bubble but only for coven units.
  • Succub seems about the same, I forget what she gives cult units, rerolls maybe. Archite Glaive is now +2s but -1 to hit 😞
-Court are similiar I think to what we had in 7th.
-Warriors are 7 points.
-wyches are similiar but with 'no escape' rule.
-Incubi got reasonable price and the mandrakes seems really good 😛 With nice shooting attack, 5++ and Deep strike.
-beasts are looking interesting, high attack values and movement. Beastmaster let them use his LD and give to hit rerolls.
-Reavers are about twice as costly o_O Got second wound but losses all interesting abilities. Caltrops now activates only when the opponent is running away. Meh! Their turboboost is just straight 24'' now.
-Scourges are cheap and have that no scatter Deep Strike. Haywire now damages vehicles on 4+ and deal 1 bonus mortal wound or D3 if you roll 6 to wound.
-Wracks and grots are about the same as they were. I was hoping on some more wounds for the G-Unit 😞 Haemoculus seems mandatory for the +1t now.
-Raider cost about two 7th ed Raiders o_O you can mix passengers now (except Incubi) All have 5++.
-Ravager is now the same price as a Raider.
-Venoms should be gold. -1 to hit for the opponent and still you got this 5++. Obvoius upgrade for the splinter cannon is now free I think 😀
-Flyers with more wounds seems really good now, But they are just -1 to hit for ground units.
The Bomb is generating D6s for every model Voidraven will fly over (3d6 for monsters/vehicles) maximum is 10 dice. Then they will deal mortal wounds on 4+
-Taloi are cheaper but nerfed with only 6t/6s 😞 got 8'' movement but now could explode. The blast deals mortal wounds so can easly damage other taloi. Of course they got more wounds now.
-Cronos is more expensive than Talos and gove no boost I think. He is the damage dealer now."

And some Chaos:


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Praise Gork (or Mork) that they dropped it to T5. A T7 Mek Gun battery (plus potential ICs) was a horrible thing to have to remove at range. The Bubblechuckka looks REALLY amusing, though similarly unreliable.

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Praise Gork (or Mork) that they dropped it to T5. A T7 Mek Gun battery (plus potential ICs) was a horrible thing to have to remove at range. The Bubblechuckka looks REALLY amusing, though similarly unreliable.
There is a lot of muttering and concern that the old school lobba, zzap and kannon are not listed in that entry.

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For anyone interested in a translation of Lucius the Eternal (I found this on some other site, cannot speak for its accuracy)

Movement: 6"
Weapon Skill: 2+
Ballistic Skill: 2+
Strengh: 4
Toughtness: 4
Wounds: 5
Attacks: 5
Leadership: 9
Armor: 3+/5++

Doom siren: 8", assault 1d3, strength: 5, AP: -1, damage: 1 . This weapon automatically hits its targets and negates cover bonus to armor
Lash of torment: 6", assault 2, strength: user, AP: -1, damage: 2. This weapon can be shot at 1" or less from its targets, and can also hit targets who stand at 1" or less from friendly units
Master crafted power sworld: melee, strength: user, AP: -3, damage: 2
Frag and krak grenades

Special rules:
Death to false emperor
Armour of shrieking souls: Gives 5++, and every time Lucius roll a succesful salvation in melee phase, roll 1d6. On 4+, the enemy unit who made the wound suffers a mortal wound after all of their attacks are resolved.
Duelist pride: If all of Lucius attacks' target a single enemy CHARACTER, Lucius gets 2 additional attacks against that character
Lord of Slaanesh: Friendly EMPEROR'S CHILDREN units at 6" or closer can reroll failed to hit rolls of '1' (As written it's both shooting and melee rolls)


If this is accurate Lucius will once more be an auto include in my EC army.

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Having played a wee demo game at WH Fest, I just want to get this release over with so I can see how good or shit the models I already have will be, and what viable 'formations' (or whatever we're calling them now) I can run.

My Templars are loving the whole 'get out of rhino and follow the metal bawks into combat'!
Obliterators randomness is actually good in my opinion (although lots of people are turning chicken little about it).
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