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well now that the FAQ's are out now and tomb kings magic is dirty beyound beleife :shok: i can now post lists :)

Liche high priest, nefera's plaques 275

liche high priest 245

livhe priest X2 (enkhils kanopi) 250

tomb price, great weapon, 104

icon bearer, icon of the sacred eye, 115

30 warriors, light armor, shields, fc, X2 590

20 bowmen 160

8 ushabti 520

tomb scorpion

bone giant X3 660

i know its quite small but the whole theme for my army for teh last three years now has been the constructs of Quatar :biggrin: in the magic phase i will be using 17 dice all guarented :shok: (a possible 6 raising/movement spells:puke: the icon bearer with the +1 to hit standard with most likly join the ushabti unit, the prince will hang around in one of the warrior blocks, the priests will hang at the back, the bone giants will most likley move as a single force and of course the scorpion will go war machine hunting :)

i would appreciate all comments thanks :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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