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8:th edition and rune lore

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I have scoured the Internet far and wide and haven´t found any clue on how the rune lore works with the new edition of Warhammer. Does the runesmiths and runelord channel dispel dice? What benefit does the AoD give? The master rune of balance (take one power dice from your enemy, give yourself a dispel dice), does it still work the same way?

I would be very grateful for any kind of answer, or a discreet sign to an errata or a forum thread I´ve missed, or just a vague suggestion if the idea bucket is running low.
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What he said ;)

Runesmiths and runelords (+/- Anvil) automatically generate extra dispel dice, but can't channel for even more! (think of it that their channelling automatically succeeds).

Very few of the individual runes have been faqqed, so MR of Balance, Spelleater Ru8ne and Runes of Spellbreaking all work exactly as before (this makes us the only army that can have multiple auto-dispels in the game).
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