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U Mad Bro?
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Ok so I wanted to build a list that is somewhat competitive but still can be fun to play against in a casual setting. This list I feel is no push over but does not utilize all the tools the Eldar have.


Windrider Host (588)
1x Skyrunner Farseer (130)
- Spirit Stones

1x 3 Vyper Squad (165)
- 3x Eldar Missile Launcher

1x Skyrunner Warlock (50)

3 x 3 Windrider (243)
- 3x3 Scatter Lasers


Aspect Host (270)
3x 5 Swooping Hawks
- 3x Exarch

Aspect Host (378)
3x 2 Dark Reapers
- Starshot Missiles
- 3x1 Dark Reaper Exarch
- 3x Eldar Missile Launcher

Crimson Death (440)
1x Crimson Hunter Exarch
2x Crimson Hunter


Heroes of the Craftworld (148)
1x Autarch
- Banshee Mask
- Swooping Hawk Wings
- Power Weapon
- Scorpion Chainsword
- Shard of Anaris

--> Farseer sits with Vypers or jet bikes casting powers, Warlock sits with a squad of bikes also casting powers.

--> The Autarch sits with a squad of Swooping Hawks to benefit from the no scatter when they arrive from ongoing reserves turn 2. Once landed the Autarch detaches and just runs a muck on his own.

--> Swooping hawks provide large blasts and thin out enemy squads and also provide objective grabbing on last turn.

--> Dark Reapers just punish Air, and become can openers for the swooping hawks.

--> The Crimson hunters will provide air support / superiority and allow my smaller units to run around and harass without fearing heavy armour.

*Something to note is: Most missions I play don't include first blood, slay the warlord, and line breaker which is why I don't fear cutting loose with my Autarch.


U Mad Bro?
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What a fun looking army. I play something similar, though without the extra Vypers and Warp Spiders instead of Swooping Hawks.

How do the Swooping Hawks play?
With all the internet crying over the D weapons and what have you i decided to avoid them because contrary to the bithcing and moaning this book has soooooooo much to offer.

The Hawks are really cool! What I do is start them on the board hidden on turn 1. I then warp them back into ongoing reserves for turn two so they can come in automatically. When they come in they don't scatter and upon arrival they can drop a small blast (5 or less in squad) or a large blast (6 or more models in the squad) on anything within 24" but don't need line of sight to hit it. They also can hit flyers with haywire, have assault 3 guns, can move 18" because of their wings and all kids of shenanigans. They are not amazing by any means but they are a threat to literally every type of unit in some way.

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I think it has to be 3 normal reapers before you start upgrading to include exarch though
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