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This is pretty nasty. Throw units around it that will look scarier and take more attention such as a Morkanaught, Nob Bikers, Kan wall and I, as a guard player, would be distracted by them - particularly the fast moving Bikers who present the greatest threat to my Armies no matter the build. Overlooked, this unit could hold one to two objectives (if closely placed and you don't need both for a particular maelstrom game turn), weather a fair bit of fire, and put the pain on anyone who dared to try and seize things off them.

The thing you would need to do is to find cover for them though, or else my Leman Russ squadrons will blast them to mincemeat with 3 S8 AP3 large blasts a turn, and no huge fear of missing thanks to your size. Does a Mek with KFF grant a bubble from a truck or BattleWagon? You can keep the distraction factor plus have a second objective taker for relatively few points.
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