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I like the idea but as discussed above by Iraqiel mainly that against particular enemy something like this functions not very well able to be out maneuvered or if they have the correct weapons (high strength large blasts which will cancel out both buffs) while the lack of a high model count such as the green tide which can soak wounds a lot better but costs more.

in some situations this certainly is the return of the old ork blobs of past which will stick in the mud with the best of them. which orks sometimes need. so depending on your needs this kind of idea works great.

Only thought which could possible increase survivability, but again reduces mobility would be to add a boss with mega armour and lukky stick combo for ultimate tanking or just stick him in "eavy armour for the old lethal if you come close hit to tie thing up for the mob before they get there.

thats all
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