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I have only ever run mine with 3 MM/PF, sometimes with heavy flamer. It is perhaps not the best strategy, but I always try to deep strike each of them in the ideal location. My luck is such that 2/3 usually scatter onto an enemy unit or off the table, but so be it. That's part of the fun. Jamming a multimelta up the exhaust pipe of a predator or razorback is great fun, and there's a 1/3 chance of a 'splosion. If they don't explode, they have to deal with it or get shot again. With a unit of meltabikers as support, it can be pretty easy to attack a vehicle from both sides.

If there is a particular threat that needs to be dealt with, dropping all 3 around it are definitely a good idea. I've never faced off against a knight titan but I bet they could do a number on it if they don't scatter horribly.

2 Fists/Flamers is definitely something I'd like to try. I guess it makes the most sense against horde armies or an army that will charge the brute after it deep strikes instead of killing it with shooting. A perfect deep strike right next to a xenos unit with shitty saves would be so glorious.
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