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If there is a particular threat that needs to be dealt with, dropping all 3 around it are definitely a good idea. I've never faced off against a knight titan but I bet they could do a number on it if they don't scatter horribly.
A couple melta in non-ion-shielded sides would help, definitely, especially in conjunction with those melta-bikers threatening a 2nd/3rd side. Still, you need an Explodes result to do any serious damage, the Knight just plain shrugging off shaken, stunned, weapon destroyed, and immobilized--the only way to finish him is to do 6 full hull points of damage, or get an Explodes somewhere along the way there.

Still, meltas DSing in, then power fists at the same initiative as the Knight the next turn (or when assaulted), will go a good ways towards redressing that balance. And costs less than a Knight, for the formation, to boot. (add in those melta-bikers and you're there)

The knight, if not properly bubblewrapped, will AT BEST kill two, after being shot (one from shooting, one from assault) and will still risk death in melee, being I1!
What's this about the Knight being I1? It's I4 with its D-chainsword and Stomps at I2.
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