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I like the _IDEA_ of this formation.

I think 5 Plasma cannons, 5 Power Fists and 5 Heavy Flamers is the way forward for this group.

Thought, How many walkers can the KHARYBDIS ASSAULT CLAW carry?
Just 1. Pretty dumb, eh?

I always like to point out for this unit, that since they are a squadron, once one of them is immobilized it becomes its own unit but can still benefit from the ability to choose your crazed result if the champion is alive. That can allow you to split your fire up a bit (and shoot twice while doing so), or should the brute survive another turn, maybe charge an enemy unit to tie it up so that the main group can keep shooting or moving as they need to.

I still dream of running an all Lascannon/Missile pack. ONE DAY.
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