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So since you can pick the Crazed result the brutes can go with, what say you on a more heavy heavy shooty Murderpack, with just a few deterrent power fists scattered around? You might well go Fire Frenzy nonstop with, say, 5 missile launchers and 3 autocannons or whatnot--that's a lot of dakka!

The one downside to a unit like this, I think, is dedicated overkill anti-tank units, like Fire Dragons. If you don't have Invisibility on the unit, or something, you might well have to deal with Fire Dragons unloading and Exploding 2, while dealing enough other hull points to wreck a 3rd--and dark gods forbid a squad of Sternguard with 10 combi-meltas pods in to hit your rear armor 10 with practically unlimited boom boom.

And an Imperial Knight will kill as many Helbrutes as it gets hits with its D-strength chainsword, pretty much. So I suppose there's the argument for 5 power fists--strike simultaneously and take it down as he takes out 3-odd of your 'Brutes...
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