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Hey all,

Finally read the 7th Edition codex and have re-done my 1500pt list based on the point changes, rule changes and with the addition of the new Harlequin units. Behold;

Archon – 135pts
-Soul Trap

1 x Solitaire – 145pts (I assume this is an HQ choice.)

Incubi x 4 - 80pts (Join w/Archon)

Harlequins x 5 – 120pts
-Troupe Master
-2 x Harlequin’s Embraces
-2 x Harlequin’s Kisses
-1 x Harlequin’s Caress (Master)

Kabalite Warriors x 10 – 105pts
-Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Warriors x 10 – 105pts
-Splinter Cannon

Kabalite Warriors x 10 – 105pts
-Splinter Cannon

Dedicated Transports
Venom – 55pts

Raiders x 3 – 270pts
-3 x Night Shields
-3 x Dark Lances
-3 x Splinter Racks

Fast Attack
Scourges x 5 – 100pts
-2 x Heat Lances

Heavy Support
Ravagers x 2 – 280pts
-3 x Dark Lances (each)
-2 x Night Shields

Any suggestions on how I could improve the list are welcome. Other DE units that I have stashed away are a squad of 10 Wyches, Lelith Hesperax, a Talos Pain Engine, 10 Wracks, 10 Hellions, six Reaver Jetbikes, and 6 more Incubi.


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tryed the list already?
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