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Help me interwebs.

I've had a number of people waxing lyrical to me about how much better MCs and FMCs are in 7th Ed.

However, having finally had the chance to read up on them the rules are virtually identical - with two exceptions: they permanently have jink, and have lost the ability to land and charge in the same turn (which is actually a nerf). Psychics are better, which makes those with psychics better, but isn't actually a buff to MCs or FMCs specifically.

So, am I missing some huge difference? Or is it just the Hive Tyrant and Psychic Daemon Princes which are 'better FMCs' (in some opinions)?

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So, am I missing some huge difference?
Smash has also been changed - Before it was half your attacks rounded up. Now it's just one attack, regardless of modifiers and extra attacks. So that ability has gotten a major nerf.

The Jink rule only applies to FMC, not MC. Any FMC can jink, even while being on the ground and not having moved, but they have to snapshoot the next round, which is simultaneously a buff and a nerf.

One of the gains is that the grounding tests have also changed. Before you had to take a grounding test, if you were swooping whenever you suffered a hit. It was basically impossible to stay in the air if the Tau decided that you had to get down (markerlights blinding you, causing you to spiral downwards). Now they've changed it to 1 check at the end of the phase, if you suffered a unsaved wound.

Overall, I would say that shooting FMC has gotten a buff and melee FMC has gotten a big nerf. The inability to change flightmode and charge the same turn, has turned many Daemon players to play with Nurgle princes instead of anything else. The Shrouded rule on FMC is currently better than it ever has been though, and any FMC that wants to get in close combat, and has the Shrouded rule is happy for their 2+ jink save.

So it all depends what you played before:
Were you enjoying a Bloodthirster? Tough luck, it got worse.
Were Nurgle Princes your thing? Halleluja, you're in luck.
Flyrants with twinlinked devourer? Oh yeah baby.

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Pretty much as Nord said.

As for Psychics getting better that is one of the sticky points.

It is now a lot harder to deny most psychic stuff because instead of just needing 1 roll of 5+ or whatever for it, you now need to roll as many as passed warp charges.
The trouble is you now have Warp Charges working in a different way. So to cast a simple spell (WC1) you normally need to spend 2-3 charge to pull it off. To cast a slightly more complex spell (WC2) you will likely have to throw 4-5 dice at it. To cast a complex spell (WC3) you will normally have to throw 5-6 dice at it.


Chance of successful cast for a 1 Warp Charge spell:

1d6: 50%
2d6: 75%
3d6: 87.5%
4d6: 93.75%
5d6: 96.88%
6d6: 98.44%

Chance of successful cast for a 2 Warp Charge spell:

2d6: 25%
3d6: 50%
4d6: 68.75%
5d6: 81.25%
6d6: 89.06%
7d6: 93.75%
8d6: 96.48%

Chance of successful cast for a 3 Warp Charge spell:

3d6: 12.50%
4d6: 31.25%
5d6: 50.00%
6d6: 65.63%
7d6: 77.34%
8d6: 85.55%
9d6: 91.02%

Now as you only get 1 dice per mastery level + d6 extra. The more psykers you have the less dice you get for each in most cases.

HOWEVER another advantage given to the Psychics is that you can now shoot your normal weapons and cast Psy powers in the same turn and do not have to fire at the same target. This means a nice Flyrant with a devourer can shoot that and still Mindblast stuff. Or a nice Prince of Slaanesh could use his Lash of Despair and still Psychic Shriek at things.

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Or a nice Prince of Slaanesh could use his Lash of Despair and still Psychic Shriek at things.
To be fair, MCs can fire two weapons, so really, the nice Prince could Vector Strike, Psy Shriek, and still be able to fire his Lash.
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