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Orignally posted by Laughterofgod over on the Waaagh

Here is the next installment of the Ork Tactica, Fast Attack. I know, you didn't expect that at all given the title of this thread. Anyways, as with my elites entry, please give me feedback on anything I missed or strategies I just got downright wrong. I really do want your feedback to make this as useful as possible.

As before, the tactica itself will be in the first response to this thread and I do really, really, really want your feedback. I will update my master document with your suggestions and then when all of the different sections are done all of the updates will be posted.
The Waagh Fast Attack


Putting a squad of Orks inside a Trukk is not too far removed from putting a squad of Orks inside a fast moving paper bag that is going to explode in 15 seconds. That said, Trukks do have some advantages: they are fast vehicles, they are open-topped, and they are at least reasonably cheap.

Suggested Builds:

Trukk w/Reinforced Ram: This adds a 5 point upgrade to the Trukk that allows you to reroll dangerous terrain tests. From here, ignore almost any intervening terrain and just drive right through it. Lots of Beakie players are used to worrying about immobilizing vehicles and often don’t expect Orks to drive right through the terrain instead of going around.

Trukk w/Reinforced Ram & Boarding Plank: The Boarding Plank is almost half the cost of the base Trukk and is not a smart purchase most of the time since Trukks are so easy to destroy. However, the extra charge range when combined with the ability to go through terrain can really extend your charge range. This upgrade is probably most useful when the Trukk is transporting MegaNobz as they cannot make a run move when you call your Waaaagh.


Stormboyz are essential more expensive Slugga Boyz that can run 2d6 inches and then still charge if you call your Waaaagh that turn. This gives them a crazy, if somewhat unpredictable, threat range of 12” move, 2-12” run, 2-12” charge. If you assume average rolls on the run and slightly above average for the charge thanks to ‘Ere We Go you end up with 12” +7” +8” for a 27” threat range. No army is really prepared for that.

Suggested Builds:

Unit of 5. Consider this a harassment unit designed to take advantaged of the 27” threat range. Even though it seems unnecessary you can consider giving the unit a Nob & Power Klaw. Chances are your opponent will ignore the unit as it is only 5 strong, and the Power Klaw gives it some hitting power.

Unit of 20-30. This is a significant point investment. Give the unit a Power Klaw. The unit itself fights exactly the same as a unit of Slugga Boyz, but all of the extra movement makes it quite easy to get the whole unit into combat. Stormboyz still only have a 6+ armor save so you will want to consider using another unit to threaten your opponent, perhaps MegaNobz in a trukk or some sort of biker unit. That will give your opponent something to worry about instead of shooting at your Stormboyz. 3 units of 20-30 Stormboyz is extremely effective. If you go first all 60-90 of them will hit your opponents line on turn two, having only faced a single round of shooting.


Deffkoptas are armed similarly to a warbuggy and generally easier to destroy, particularly by making them fail a leadership test so that they run off the board. Deffkoptas also have the same access to outflanking as warbuggies do. The difference and value of Deffkoptas lies in their ability to scout move and to take Buzzsaws. Neither of these options is amazing, but both can be very useful.

The scout move enables an Ork player to be in a models side arc for easier armor penetration on the first turn. If the ork player goes first and has a fast moving army it is also entirely possible that the deffkoptas will get ignored in favor of more destructive units.

The buzzsaw acts as a power klaw. Here it is important to note that this only doubles the base ork strength of 3, so that on the charge your buzzsaw is only strength 7. However, the addition of a buzzsaw can grant your unit some flexibility, allowing an ork player to charge a rhino and try to blow it up if the Rokkits failed to do so. A single buzzsaw in a unit of Deffkoptas also enables the unit to charge infantry units that lack serious combat potential, such as beakie Devastators or fish'ead Broadsides.

Suggested Builds:

Unit of 5 w/Buzzsaw. The squad size of 5 means that your opponent will have to kill 2 in order to force a leadership test. It also means that the unit will generate 12 S.4 attacks on the charge, plus 3 more at S.7 from the Buzzsaw. It will also get 5 twin-linked rokkits or 5 twin-linked Big Shootas. The Big Shootas are probably best for an anti-infantry role, while the rokkits are best for popping lower armor vehicles such as Rhinos and Chimeras.

Unit of 5, bare. This unit is slightly cheaper than the above build. Think of it as a harassment unit that is there to claim objectives and lay down volume of shots. Use the Big Shootas to keep the unit from becoming a target. This should keep them from becoming a priority for your opponent until later in the game.

Unit of 1 w/Buzzsaw. A unit of 1 Deffkopta with a Buzzsaw is essentially a reasonably cheap S.7 Power Klaw that gives you the ability to do some damage to a vehicle. The key here is to threaten your opponent with more substantial units to keep him from targeting the individual Deffkopta.

Dakkajet, Burna-Bomma, & Blitza-Bomma

All three Ork flyers are somewhat overcosted for the firepower and durability they bring to the table. That said, they can be effectively used, and many army lists have trouble dealing with flyers of any sort.

Dakkajet w/Flyboss & Additional Supa Shoota. The Dakkajet pumps out a pretty serious number of S.6 AP4 shots and with the Flyboss upgrade always shoots with a BS of 3. Unfortunately, the low strength of the shots makes it difficult to reliably do anything to a vehicle. That said, weight of dice from 3 twin-linked supa shootas will more often than not put multiple wounds on a flying monstrous creature. This is probably the most useful niche for the Dakkajet.

Burna-Bommer. Run this without any upgrades to keep it as cheap as possible. This flyer is only useful against armies that lack 3+ armor saves and beakie scouts. However, even with that, the ability to fire only 2 burna-bomms during the course of the game makes this vehicle situational at best.

Blitza-Bommer. Run this without any upgrades. The Boom bombs are both situational and hit or miss thanks to the random nature of the Boom bomb table. However, it is a source of high strength AP2 in an army that lacks it. Furthermore, the blast helps mitigate the low Ork Ballistic Skill. The Boom Bomb has armourbane, however with S.7 your chance of generating a 14 or higher is only about 60%. Not the best odds. I would prefer to drop this on something with a 2+ armor save that is not in cover.


Ork Warbikers bring a variety of great things to the table for Orks: twin-linked weapons, T.5, fast, and the ability to jink for a 3+ or 4+ cover save. However, even with all of these great features it is important to remember that in combat they fight exactly as Slugga Boyz. The sheer number of twin-linked shots Bikers put out makes them ideal for shooting flying monstrous creatures, low armor flyers, or an opponent that likes to abuse Invisibility.

Many players elect to forge shooting with their warbikers on the first turn of the game to get the bonus to their jink save and thereby put a durable army of bikes on their opponents deployment lines after only 1 Ork turn with the expectation that most armies cannot deal with that many Ork Bikers all at once. This strategy tends not to work well against armies that can ignore cover such as panzee Wave Serpents, 'umies, and fish'ead.

Suggested Builds:

Deathstar Unit of 15. This is probably the most expensive suugested build you will find in this tactica, but the unit brings a tremendous amount of firepower to the table, is very survivable, and often hits fairly solidly. Beyond the max size of Warbikers, this build also include a painboy on a Bike and a Warboss on a Bike with the Lukky Stikk. The Painboy gives the basic Orks FnP against everything except S.10 attacks, and if need be the Warboss can roll two sets of FnP saves against those hits (thanks to the Lukky Stikk), but generally it is best to simply let the basic Ork Warbikers die and preserve your Warboss.

Unit of 3. This unit is dirt cheap and a complete distraction. I prefer to give the unit a Nob and Power Klaw. While it does increase your investment, the unit is fast enough to make use of the Klaw almost anywhere and many opponents will not have the firepower to deal with multiple 3 man squads of Warbikers.

Unit of 5-8. This unit falls somewhere in between the distraction and deathstar. It typically packs enough punch to worry your opponent, but not enough resiliency to survive. That said, the simple fact that it attracts your opponent’s attention can be useful. Give this unit a Power Klaw and a Painboy, the Warboss is optional, and use the unit to suck up all of your opponent’s firepower so that your squishier and and seemingly less threatening units can advance up the board. Remember, Warbikers have the same number of attacks and strength as Slugga Boyz. Most opponents forget that and will focus fire on the bikes. This can allow other stuff to progress up the field without spending the points to field a unit of 15.


Warbuggies are incredibly cheap sources of twin linked rokkits. If your opponent has a lot of firepower and you are going second, consider outflanking with them. You will get side armor shots, and deny your opponent the easy first blood. If you only have a few points left in your list and you have leftover fast attack slots, you can use squads of just 1 warbuggy. This will force your opponent to dedicate an entire unit to killing only 1 very cheap model. Buggies can also claim objectives and are very useful in maelstrom missions.

Skorcha buggies seems like a good idea, but often underperform. They lack torrent and as such can’t project firepower at any sort of distance. If you are going to use them, use them in units of just 1 to harass your opponent and bottle up their movement early game, and then late game to contest or claim objectives.

Suggested Builds:

5 Buggies w/Rokkits. Cheap, effective, 5 chances to get through your opponents armor.

1 Buggy w/Rokkit. Use more than one of these if you have the points and FA slots left. They won’t do a ton, but they can take some pot shots at your opponent, and as sources of Anti-Tank they will often draw far more firepower than they are really worth, thus protecting the rest of your army.

1 Buggy w/Skorcha. These are not that useful. Use in emergencies only.
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