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Originallyposted by laughterofgod on the Waaagh

The Waagh Elites
laughterofgods, on 03 Mar 2015 - 8:17 PM, said:Burna Boyz

Burna boyz are a little expensive for a model with a 6+ armor save, costing just slightly less than 3 Ork Boyz.

Suggested Build:

15 in a Battlewagon. This unit is very expensive, but capable of dealing a truly huge amount of damage. Do not use a trukk for these guys. The trukk will explode and kill your burna boyz. The battlewagon itself is very difficult to assault as 15 burnas will generate an average of 30 hits on a unit that is charging. You can also drive the battlewagon 6 inches forward and flame a unit by place one template down and multiplying the number of models covered by 15. You can only kill models within roughly 8 inches of the battlewagon, but it can still be very useful. Lastly, you can disembark from the Battlewagon enabling you to get an extra 6” of movement. This does, of course, make it much easier to kill your burnas. In this case, it is often helpful to include a mega armored Warboss with the unit to tank as many wounds as possible.


Tankbustas are slightly more expensive than 2 regular Boyz and have the same basic stats, but come equipped with rokkits and melta-bombs and have the Tank Hunters USR. These guys should be popping rhinos and other dedicated transports like crazy. These guys are boss

Suggested Builds:

5 in a trukk. This unit is extremely cheap and if you are playing with first blood they will give you an extra VP if they kill a vehicle for first blood. They can easily be used to threaten a high value vehicle such as a Knight or Land Raider with rokkits and melta-bombs. Consider adding 3 Bomb Squigs to upgrade the number of successful hits you get on a target.

15 in a battlewagon. This unit represents a significant investment. They can still be used to threaten high value vehicles, but they should not be thought of as a throw away unit. On average you will get 5 hits, which is enough to wreck most 3 hull point vehicle.
A squad of this size can also seriously threaten flying monstrous creatures and flyers, often forcing them to jink for fear of you rolling 3 or more hits. This squad can also eliminate half of a squad of beakies that are not in cover on average rolls.


A unit of Nobz can generate a truly ridiculous number of S.5 or higher attacks on the charge. However, with all of the options available, the unit can quickly become a huge points investment that lacks any sort of inv. save and can be insta-killed by most S.8 weapons. Nob Bikers deserve a special mention. They are fantastically expensive, but the toughness boost the unit gets from the Bike helps to mitigate the threat of S.8 weapons. Only a few weapons such as the Demolisher Cannon and a select few dedicated Combat Characters have S.10.

Suggested Builds:

3 in a trukk. This unit is cheap and can put out 15 S.5 attacks when it charges. It comes in at about ⅔ of the price of a unit of 3 MegaNobz in a Trukk (see below), but is much more vulnerable to small arms fire.

5-7 in a Battlewagon. This unit should probably have a number of upgrades including a Waaaagh Banner, 1-2 Power Klaws, and a Bosspole. The unit is a large investment of points so giving the battlewagon a boarding plank is probably a good idea as well. It is important to note that the unit has essentially no shooting output, as most of the Nobz are armed with Sluggas. The upgrade to Shootas is probably not worth the extra point as you want these guys in combat, and the S.5 attack in melee is probably more valuable than the extra S.4 shooting attack.

4-7 Nob Bikers. This unit should essentially be treated as above with a few additions. from the HQ section: A Warboss on a Bike and a Painboy on a bike. The T.6 Warboss allows your unit to take S.10 hits from things like Demolisher Cannons without having your squad evaporate, and FnP from the painboy is critical to preserve your investment. It also provides the Warboss with a save against those dreaded S.10 attacks, and your regular Nobz with a save against everything else. (See the Fast Attack section for a more in depth look at the Ork Bikes)


MegaNobz are capable of ripping a hole through most units. However, be wary about throwing them up against dedicated CC troops, particularly ones with S.8 AP2 weapons such as Thunder Hammers as the MegaNobz lack any access to invulnerable saves. Instead use your Meganobz to pick on basic troops such as beakie Tactical Squads.

Suggested Builds:

3 in a Trukk. This unit is incredibly cheap for the amount of damage it can potentially unleas, putting out 12 str.9 AP2 attacks on the charge. Make sure you buy the Boss MegaNob a bosspole to reroll a 4-6 result on the mob rule table. The trukk is not expected to survive. Instead, use it to shoot your MegaNobz as far upfield as possible. When it gets blown up, the explosion will not have any adverse effects thanks to your 2+ armor save, and you should be safe from killing your own models with mob rule thanks to your armor save. If the trukk does get destroyed before you get it upfield remember that the whole unit probably cost 160 points or less.

5+ Meganobz in a battlewagon. This unit is not a throw away unit. Between the Meganobz and the battlewagon expect to invest @400 points. In this case it is often worth spending the points to get a boarding plank as the extra charge distance will help the Meganobz get into CC and help mitigate the negative effects of failing a charge with such an expensive unit. You can also give this squad kombi-Skorchas. The cost does add up quickly with a larger squad, but the ability to use them to clear large blobs of infantry (guard blobs, tyranid gaunts, other orks) that would otherwise tarpit your Meganobz should not be under-estimated.


Kommandos basically function as Slugga Boyz that come with infiltrate, stealth, and move through cover. This helps them start a bit closer to your enemy and makes them a little more survivable against weapons that don’t ignore cover. They are perhaps a bit expensive for what they do, but they aren’t terrible. The burna upgrade for the unit is tempting, but extremely expensive, and probably not entirely worth the cost.

Suggested Builds:

5 with Boss Nob. This unit is cheap and can be used to harass your opponents flanks and weak vehicles or other back field models. The Nob can be given a Power Klaw, but it strats to increase the cost of the unit. Instead, consider just giving him a Big Choppa. The unit is very cheap. If you have the spare slots you can put 3 of these units on the table and try to overload your opponent with targets.

15 with Snikrot. This unit gets a lot more expensive and should also include a Boss Nob with a Power Klaw. Snikrot allow the unit to come on from any board edge instead of having to roll for outflank. Snikrot also grants the unit shrouded the turn it arrives. Unless your opponent has weapons that ignore cover the unit will be incredibly difficult to dislodge. You can use this unit to distract your opponent and let the rest of your army advance unmolested, or you can try and distract your opponent with other units to keep your Kommandos alive. Either way, remember that this unit basically fights like Slugga Boyz.

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