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Ork Warband

The Ork Warband includes a Warboss, 6 units of Boyz, a unit of Nobz/MegaNobz, and a unit of gretchin. The bottom line is that it represents a very significant amount of points and the only real benefit it brings is the ability to Waaagh each and every turn starting on the 2nd turn. The Hammer of Wrath special rule doesn’t really apply since it only happens on a roll of 10 or more, and even if it does happen there is no guarantee you get more than a few hits from it.

While this formation can work, it presents a number of problems. First, in order to get the Waaagh every turn the formation’s Warboss must be your Warlord. This means you cannot get a reroll for any of the rulebook Warlord tables, and thus you will either get stuck with what you roll, or instead choose to roll on the Ork table. I generally tend to go for the rulebook tables instead of the Ork table even without a reroll: too many of the Ork warlord traits are useless. Second, you have to get your Boyz across the table and with 6 squads you don’t have the points to make your squads big so you are going to need transports: trukks are probably the way to go. Third, if one accepts that Trukks are the way to go, it is questionable if you will get a lot of use out of the Waaaagh after your second turn.

If one accepts that Trukks are probably the only plausible way to go as 7 Battlewagons is just unworkable, you are basically using a standard Trukk rush list with the added ability to Waaagh multiple times in a game. As a result one unit to consider adding would be Dakka Jets in order to generate additional shots every turn as there is no real downside to using the extra Waaaghs. You can also consider using a Void Shield Generator from Stronghold Assault with 3 void shields to keep your Trukks alive if your opponent goes first. This will require you to bring a CAD or some other detachment, but as this formation costs @1000 points if you choose not to give your Boyz ‘Eavy Armor you should have the points to get a second detachment and thus gain access to a Fortification. Alternatively, you could use the Air Armada Formation.

A second option instead of using Trukks is to use Forgeworld Gunwagons for your vehicles. They can only hold 10 models each and they come as a unit of 3 that takes up a heavy support slot so you would still need to run another detachment, but this will drastically increase the survivability of your transports at the cost of hitting power once you charge your opponent.

In either case I would not recommend spending the points for Shootas as they will keep you from getting use out of the additional Waaaghs your Warlord generates.

Council of Waaagh!

The Council of Waaagh! is a gigantic Orky Death Star that will kill most things in the game, and unfortunately get absolutely steamrolled from time to time due to its lack of an invulnerable save. However, its special rules and plethora of independent characters means you can keep the unit functional as it takes wounds through inventive use of look out sir rolls and model positioning.

The unit itself includes Ghazghkull Thraka (he will keep the unit from running except for the turn he calls his Waaagh), 2 other Warbosses, Mad Dok Grotsnik (he gives your unit FnP, Fearless, and Rampage), 1 Big Mek (consider buying him a KFF to help keep your unit alive), and a regular unit of Nobz (I would suggest at most 5, but perhaps only 3).

If you buy your unit of Nobz a Waaagh! banner you will get a second instance of fearless, which means you won’t need to be quite so worried about keeping Mad Dok Grotsnik alive. Furthermore, while the banner bearer is alive, the unit will also benefit from the “Banner of da Great Waaagh” special rule. This grants the above fearless, +1 Weapon Skill on top of the +1 granted by the “Waaagh Banner!” special rule, and allows nearby units of Orks to reroll Morale and Pinning checks. Given the number of points this unit will cost you, I would not expect you to have many points left over for other units to be nearby. Lastly, each of the Warbosses gains an additional +1 WS. This makes Ghazgkull and his two Warbosses WS8, Mad Dok WS7, and your Big Mek and Nobz WS6.

The biggest question with this unit is how to equip your models. You are limited to Orkimedes Kustom Gubbinz as this formation is out of Waaagh! Ghazghkull. As such I would give one of your Warbosses the Choppa of da Ragnarork. It is not the best weapon, but there is a chance he will do damage and thus increase the power and AP of his weapon, and frankly this unit will not lack for Power Klaws. Consider buying at least 1 additional Power Klaw on top of the ones Ghazghkull and Mad Dok come with, but I would not buy every model one. Furthermore, if you are going to buy a Power Klaw for one of your Warbosses I might also give that model Mega Armor as it is not a lot of additional points and your unit can’t run anyways thanks to Ghazghkul Thraka.

The unit takes up at least 9 spaces and probably could fit in a Trukk, but this does not seem like a very good idea for a unit that costs 600 points before any upgrades. Give the Nobz a Battlewagon as a dedicated transport and buy the vehicle the Extra Armour upgrade to keep it moving. You simply have too many points in one unit not to have it in combat. I might also suggest a Boarding Plank to absolutely guarantee you make whatever charge you are attempting.

Despite how powerful this unit is, you will have to be very careful of units that have invulnerable saves, or negate your own saves as we do not have an invulnerable save except for a single turn on Ghazghkull Thraka. Instead we will have to simply distribute the wounds on our various T.5 models in an attempt to keep as many alive as possible. Be very careful of S.10 attacks, but most other attacks can be mitigated by cleverly using look out sir and FnP to keep as many models alive as possible.

Ghazghkul’s Bully Boyz

The Bully Boyz formation basically takes three squads of normal MegaNobz and makes them way better by giving them +1 WS and Fearless. This means that you will hit almost everything else on 3’s and won’t suffer from lousy Ork Leadership. However, these advantages are somewhat negated by their lack of an inv. save. In many cases this isn’t a huge deal as they have a ton of attacks and can often take a few wounds before destroying whatever they charge. However, without an inv. save anything that has a S.8 AP.2 weapon will kill an entire model. This fact alone, and admittedly it is a problem for Orks everywhere, keeps the Bully Boyz from being truly great. Nonetheless the biggest advantage the Bully Boyz formation offers a new player is that it is not complicated to use: you basically point them towards stuff and hope they can annihilate whatever they charge. If you are an aggressive in your face kind of Ork player this might be the formation for you.

Since we all know that walking MegaNobz is not a smart choice you will need to purchase some sort of transport for them. While Battlewagons might seem like the best choice, it often ends up being too many points as each squad of MegaNobz is 200 points base, and if you add a Battlewagon to each of them you will end up spending almost 1k points just on this formation. Better choices for transports are Trukks or Gun Wagons. Trukks are fast vehicles allowing you to put all 3 squads on the edge of your opponent’s deployment zone after your first turn and they are also cheap. However, if your opponent goes first you may very well never get a chance to move your Trukks. Gun Wagons offer a more durable solution at a price point midway between a Trukk and a Battlewagon. I prefer the Gun Wagon if I have the points.

Da Vulcha Skwad

This formation is essentially worthless. I have tried to present the best way to get work out of everything that the Orks have, but there are a few things that I can’t help. Simply put, unless you know your opponent has no barrage, blast, or template weapons, this Formation is terrible. You have to deep strike, and you form one medium to huge sized unit. That is basically asking to have someone drop blasts on your unit. Don’t take this formation. It is garbage.

Blitz Brigade

The Blitz Brigade is an expensive formation, costing 550 points before upgrades. Furthermore, its main benefit is a scout move that you will not always want to take, particularly if your opponent is going first and has a lot of melta or is in Drop Pods. However, it does give you access to 5 Heavy Support Choices without the need to take two detachments and all of the Troops choices needed to access those slots. It also enables you to take 3 other non-battlewagon heavy support choices as it frees up those slots in your regular detachment.

The best units to place in your battlewagons are those that will in some way benefit from the scout move, or need the protection a Battlewagon offers. This means you will want to put units that are expensive, units that are trying to get into assault, and units that want to shoot your opponent into the Blitz Brigade. Which type of unit you put in your Blitz Brigade will dictate how you use them.

Suggested Builds:

Assault Units: Boyz, MegaNobz, Nobz, Tankbustas (sometimes). You will probably want to scout all of the way forward to overload your opponent and present him with some many targets that he is unable to deal with any of your Battlewagons effectively. If you go second instead consider not scouting and instead moving 12” during your movement phase and then flat out to put yourself 6” from your opponent’s deployment zone.

Shooty Units: Lootas, Flash Gitz, Tankbustas (most of the time). Here you will want to scout just far enough forward to get yourself into range and/or guarantee optimal firing. This scout move is particularly advantageous for Flash Gitz as it allows you to be in range on your first turn while still benefiting from the Git-Finda without sacrificing a turn of movement. It also only requires a few inches of scouting if need be. You can also use this to get your Lootas into position and target units that were placed out of LoS.

Dread Mob

If you are wanting to run a walker heavy list this formation is about the only way to do it. First, it is the only way to reasonably get 8 Heavy Support choices, and second the benefits it confers almost makes this army an okay choice. The most important benefit this formation grants is the ‘Ere We Go special rule to all of your Walkers. This will significantly improve your ability to charge into assault. Now that you are more likely to make it into assault your Walkers all generate an improved Hammer of Wrath inflicting D3 hits instead of simply 1. This isn’t a huge bonus, but it is something, and on the Gorkanauts/Morkanauts these hits are at least S.10.

The formation itself consists of 1 Big Mek, 1 Painboy, 2 GoMorkanauts, 3 Deff Dreads, and 3 squads of 3 Killa Kanz. The Big Mek and Painboy make a lot of sense from a fluff perspective, but do not really mesh well with these units. If you want to get much out of them consider adding a Combined Arms Detachment with a large unit of Ork Boyz for the Painboy to give FnP to. You can also use this unit to screen your GoMorkanat from drop pod melta or to guard your backfield.

You will probably want to deploy your Killa Kanz and maybe your Deff Dreads to the sides of your GoMorkanaut to keep them from becoming wrecks and slowing down your movement. If you are going to use a Morkanaut to provide a KFF save, I would use both of your large walkers as Morkanauts to provide redundancy. Otherwise, use two Gorkanauts for the double set of Rampage attacks and consider purchasing a 2nd Big Mek as part of a combined arms detachment, and put a KFF Mek inside each Gorkanauts to at least help them survive..

Boss Snikrot’s Red Skull Kommandos

The Red Skull Kommandos are an interesting formation in that there is more than one way to use them. The formation itself consists of Snikrot and four units of Kommandos of any size. All four units are held in reserve and when they arrive they all essentially benefit from Snikrot’s special rules, granting them shrouded instead of stealth for that turn and enabling them to come on from any board edge. Furthermore, if the unit does not shoot you can reroll failed cover saves. This makes your Kommandos surprisingly resilient.

The first way to use this formation is as a set of 4 cheap distraction units that require more firepower to kill than they should thanks to shrouded and your rerollable cover saves. If you go this route I would still include Nobz, but not give them all Power Klaws. Instead I might opt for Big Choppas simply to save points on cheap units that are designed to show up in your opponent’s backfield and cause confusion.

The second way to use this formation is to put a horde of guys in your opponent’s backfield and essentially force them forward towards the rest of your guys. In this case you will want to use more than min squads of Kommandos and you will probably want to give each of your Nobz a Power Klaw as well. That said, 4 full squads of Kommandos and Snikrot will cost you more than 800 points, so if you need to save some points try using 2-3 min squads and 1-2 max squads.

The third way to use this formation is to approximate how Ork players used to use Snikrot to deliver a combat character into your opponent’s backfield. If you look closely at Snikrot’s Dataslate it expressly forbids putting another independent character in his unit if you want to take advantage of his Ambush special rule (this is the rule that allows you to come on from any table edge). However, this formation includes no such stipulation. As such, you can put a painboy and a Warboss in on of your units and come on from any table edge inside a shrouded unit of Kommandos. This would give your unit a 5+ rerollable cover save, and FnP for a turn, allowing you to charge whatever you wanted the next turn. The biggest problem you will have with this strategy is your need to have four squads of Kommandos in addition to your combat characters, which means you can be looking at a very significant investment of points. I would also recommend not putting your independent characters in Snikrot’s squad as the two different sets of special rules do not mesh well. Instead put your HQ’s in a squad of normal Kommandos.

Green Tide

The Green Tide formation consists of ten units of Boyz smashes together to form 1 giant squad. This means that you could have anywhere from 100-300 Boyz. However, in practice the cost of 100 boyz means that most players that run this formation use only the minimum number of Boyz, and often don’t even include the maximum number of Power Klaw wielding Nobz, opting to save a few points by only including 6 or so of them. Furthermore, while some players opt to include ‘Eavy Armor on some of the tide, the cost again becomes prohibitive.

The tide itself works because you are able to stack bonuses that would usually only apply to a single squad to what is essentially 3 or more quads of 30 Boyz. Foremost among these benefits are fearless (from the Big Bosspole, or perhaps Mad Dok Grotsnik) and FnP (from a Painboy or perhaps Mad Dok Grotsnik). Other prime bonuses to stack are the +1 WS from the Lukky Stikk, and the two bonuses granted to Deny the Witch by a Weirdboy.

The unit itself is great at winning the attrition game, but it does have weaknesses. Watch out for anything that can lower its toughness or grant it negative status effects. Furthermore, rather than trying to get into combat with a single unit, you will often want to multi-charge ensuring that you stay in combat through your opponent’s turn, finishing off the units you charged in time for you to move and charge again on your turn. Despite the abundance of Power Klaws you will need some sort of ranged anti-tank to pop open transports so you don’t to charge vehicles with the tide as this will enable your opponent to shoot you during his turn. I prefers Lootas for their versatility, but I have seen multiple units of Tankbustas work quite well for other players.

The final question with this formation is whether or not you should make the Warboss from the Green Tide Formation your Warlord. If you make him your Warlord you can Waaagh every turn, but you have to issue and accept challenges when possible. While this restriction is not ideal, with a unit as large as the Green Tide it is relatively simple to keep your Warlord towards the back of your unit. Remember that you can only issue and/or accept challenges if you are in base-to-base with an enemy model or within 2” of a friendly model that is base-to-base. As such, it is relatively easy to keep your Warlord out of combat for 1-2 rounds.

Suggested Build:

Green Tide Formation: 100 Boyz, 6 Nobz w/Klaw, Warboss w/Big Bosspole (grants Fearless)
Other detachment: Warboss w/Lukky Stikk, Painboy, Weirdboy (optional), Void Shield generator from Stronghold Assault)
Combined Arms Detachment: Warboss or Big Mek w/finkin’ Cap (hope to get infiltrate and/or move through cover off the Strategic table: use Combined Arms Detachment for the rerolls)

All of the characters above get thrown into the Tide in an attempt to grant it as many bonuses as possible. The Finkin Cap detachment is optional. I have used the tide to great effect without that particular bonus, but if you have the points and access to that many detachments 4 rolls to get one or both of those traits can be very useful. The Void Shield Generator is perhaps the most controversial bit of strategy: it protects units that are within 12” of it by projecting 1-3 AV12 bubbles that keep your boyz from getting hit. The controversy comes about because of the unit within 12” part. It is really easy to have 3 Orks within 12” of the Void Shield Generator while the rest of the Tide is 18-24” away. This strategy will not make you many friends.

Skyboss Wingnutz’ Air Armada

The Air Armada consists of 3 Dakka Jets and 1 each of the Burna and Blitza-Bommas. The bonuses you gain for this formation are actually quite useful allowing you to automatically return your flyers to full hull points and regain any one use weapons that have already been dropped. This is most helpful for the two Bommas in this formation, but against an opponent that relies on glancing your flyers to death the ability to restore hull points can be very powerful.

The best way to utilize the abilities granted by this formation are for you to move your flyer 36” onto the table passing over an enemy unit that you would like to attack with a bombing run: this attack is typically made in the movement phase. This ability to restore your Bombs means that you will always want to fire all of the bombs your vehicle is equipped with at once.But it does mean you move off the table next turn, thus wasting a round in reserves. So, on average you may get out 2 or 3 times per game, dropping 1 or 2 big bombs each turn if you're lucky.

Unfortunately, your Dakka Jets do not particularly benefit from this formation unless they fly off the board to repair hull points. Their inability to benefit from this formation is one of the reasons this is not as great as it might seem or sound. You are simply spending too many points on units that are essentially a tax insofar as the benefits this formation grants. However, if you take this formation with one of the Ork Formations that grant the ability to Waaagh every turn you drastically increase your output during the course of the game.

Kaptin Badrukk’s Flash Gitz

I want to like Kaptin Badrukk’s Flash Gitz because 20 Flash Gitz is a crazy amount of firepower. However, the formation presents the Ork player with a serious problem, aside from “who actually owns 20 Flash Gitz?” More specifically, the formation includes two units of 10 Flash Gitz and Kaptin Badrukk. This means you can’t put the unit in a Battlewagon and you sure as hell don’t want them walking around in the open. As such, you will need to get more creative if you are going to get work out of this formation. My suggestion is to use the Kustom Battle Fortress. It is a Super Heavy Tank with a cost of approximately 400 points once you make some upgrades, but it can hold 30 models and is open topped, so you can fire all 21 of your Flash Gitz out of any point of your rather large Ork Super Heavy.

As far as strategy goes, this unit/build is about as subtle as an Ork Warboss. Even if you roll an unhelpful AP on your Snazzguns, you are still going to generate 60 shots and 20+ hits, and if you do roll an AP of 1 or 2, enemy units are simply going to disappear. Just make sure you have enough Anti-tank to pop whatever transports your opponent brings, as they are not going to want to get out and face this unit. Also, make sure you have some other smaller, less points intensive units to face a MSU style army.

Gorkanaut Krushin’ Krew

The Gorkanaut Krushin’ Krew is essentially a different version of the Dread Mob that only includes Gorkanauts and gives you less helpfull rules. You gain Furious Charge on turn 2 which is wasted because your attacks are automatically S.10. You gain Hatred on turn 3 which is actually useful. And then you gain shred on turn 4, which is also mostly wasted because you wound almost everything in the game on a 2 anyways. If you are using this formation it should be purely because you want to gain access to three heavy support choices without taking the associated troop and HQ tax that would be required to unlock an additional detachment.

Mogrok’s Bossboyz
At first glance Mogrok’s Bossboyz solves a lot of the problems Orks have with the desire and need for more HQ’s to buff our units. However, rather than providing painboys and Warbosses, instead it provides 3 Big Mek’s, a Weirdboy, and only a single Warboss. Adding insult to injury, one of the Big Mek’s actually has to be your Warlord. However, the formation still brings some useful things to the table. First you get an automatic +1 to Sieze the Initiative and second D3 units gain outflank and acute senses which enables them to reroll the dice when determining what board edge they arrive on. This is like having 2 Warlord traits in one.

If you are using this formation I would suggest that you use it for the automatic outflanking. Perhaps in conjunction with Snikrot and a unit of Kommandos to make it very difficult for your opponent to come to terms with your forces. However, if you do opt for this approach make sure that the models you deploy on turn 1 are resilient so that your opponent cannot table you on turn 1 before your reserves have a chance to arrive.

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Nice breakdown, certainly helps with list construction of ideas which may be helpful for some ork lists particularly the main ones in the "green tide" and "blitz brigade" both of which work nicely for my kind of lists, still need to do some reseach but am liking the idea of this 5 battle wagons list.

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I don't want to derail this thread, but want to discuss the Blitz Brigade more, so if this isn't the place please move it:

What points level and units work best for the Blitz Brigade?
Units that will make use of the Outflank and Scout, such as Burnas or Tankbustas are a given, and things to threaten your opponent early such as a Warlord + Meganobz or something. The formation is inherently expensive, both points and models wise, but I love the idea of having the Wagons halfway across the board while some sit in reserves. It is a formation that I would love to run, but the wagons alone eating up a huge chunk of points is scary.

Battlewagons have proven to be one of only a handful reliable units in the Ork codex, but I am curious how I should run them and with what? I have put together a list and posted it, but I am curious what other people's thoughts are

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As to blitz Brigade specifically, there is certainly a lot of different ways to run it, mainly due to the fact that they don't take up the important HEAVY SUPPORT slots. So just about every combination can be used such as burna boys, nobs (mega or not), tank bustaslootas, or even flash gitz

Currently I'm experimenting with a large mega nob squad and 4 smaller squads of boys at 1750 (in ork lists its labled as 5 battle wagon list) this seems to be a good level for this style of list, with 5 wagons and a lot of boys it can deal with most things if played correctly (eg not scouting when the enemy deepstrikes on you).

Will need to do more experimenting with varients of the lists l, particularly with the idea of having 2 or even 3 large burna boy squads, for the drive by torching that they can do.

Thats about all, i can say for the minute, need more practice and experimentation.
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