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Zhadsnark ‘Da Rippa’

Zhadsnark, or “snarf snarf” as this player prefers is basically a Warboss on a bike with a power klaw. His stats are the same as a standard warboss, but he comes with a number of special rules that make him worth taking. First, he unlocks warbikers as a troops choice at a time when there is no force org. shenanigans in the regular Ork codex. Second, his power Klaw strikes at initiative 4 (he also has sikkbombs allowing him to strike at initiative even when assaulting through terrain). Third, he has skilled rider giving the unit he is with +1 to their jink save and allowing it to automatically pass dangerous terrain tests. And fourth, he allows his own unit of warbikers to make a scout move. However, in exchange for all of these bonuses he of course loses access to normal relics, ie. no Lukky Stikk, and he does not get to roll on the warlord table. Taking warbikers as troops is basically his warlord trait.

Some players use snarf snarf to unlock objective secured warbikers and play a bike heavy army with multiple smallish units of objective secured bikes. This can allow you to put a fast moving MSU (multiple small unit) army down on the table that enables you to claim maelstrom style points every turn. A second strategy is to use snarf snarf to unlock only a single unit of bikers and simply put a death star on the table that has scout as a complement to your main force.

As a matter of tactics, most players turbo boost with snarf snarf’s unit every turn they can’t be in combat to get a 2+ cover save thanks to the exhaust cloud special rule and skilled rider. You can then pair this with a Big Mek or Warboss on a bike with the Lukky Stickk allowing you to get a 2+ rerollable cover save. Doing this might not make you any friends, but you are playing Orks so you will probably be okay anyways.

Suggested Builds:

MSU biker units. Put snarf snarf in a unit of approximately 5 warbikers and have multiple replacement units available for him to hop to when necessary. 4+ units of 5 are recommended. Each unit costs less than 200 points enabling you to put quite a few on the table.

Death Star. 8-15 warbikers. Include a painboy for FnP and a Warboss for the Lukky Stikk. Scout and turbo boost on your first turn to get a 2+ cover save and be 100% in your opponent’s deployment zone after your first turn. Now while he is busy shooting your death star advance with the rest of your army. Do not do this if you opponent has ready access to AP4 ignores cover weaponry. If you are playing in a Highlander format take a Big Mek instead of a Warboss so you can still have access to the Lukky Stikk.

Big Trakk

The Big Trakk can fill two different roles: either an artillery tank somewhat akin to a 'umies Basilisk or as a sort of tough to destroy Trukk. In either case they can be taken in squadrons of three. Here it is important to note that the most recent forgeworld update for Orks does not list this option. However, the army list forgeworld was updating does not allow you to take them in squadrons either. Instead, it is only in a Codex: Orks army that you are given the option to take Big Trakks in squadrons. As such, it is probably best to ask your local TO or gaming group first. If you can field them in a squadron Big Trakks are ideal for a Highlander format where you might want to play Trukk Rush. The basic armament of a Big Trakk is two Big Shootas and armor plates for 50 points.

If you are using a Big Trakk as a gun platform the best weapon is the Supa Kannon. This removes your ability to use the Big Trakk as a transport, but gives you a S.9 AP.3 Large Blast with the Primary Weapon rule. This means that firing the Kannon does not prevent you from using your other weapons at full ballistic skill if able. The higher strength on the Supa Kannon will allow you to cause instant death on multi-wound T.4 models making it superior to the KillKannon, even after considering the Killkannon’s lower cost. As an alternative to the Supa Kannon you can consider the Big Lobba, which is a S.6 AP.4 Large Blast, Barrage. However, doing this lowers your transport capacity to 6 models and seems to be less useful than the S.5 AP.5 barrages created by a unit of Lobbas.

If you are using your Big Trakk as a transport you will want to give it a reinforced ram and you also have the option of giving it a boarding plank for 5 points thanks to the magic of Forgeworld not making their points values sink up with the new Ork Codex. As a sort of heavier Trukk the Big Trakk can hold 12 models, but gives up being a fast vehicle for AV 12/11/10.

Suggested Builds:

Artillery Platform: Supa Kannon, ‘ard case, unit of 1-2 Big Trakks. The ‘ard case upgrade will increase your survivability and make it more difficult for your opponent to get the explodes result on the vehicle damage table. Taking only 1-2 of these is probably your best bet as taking the full squadron of 3 will too often limit your firing options as you are forced to fire all 3 vehicles at a single unit. If your opponent is not playing an MSU style army putting these in a squadron of 2 instead of fielding them as individual Big Trakks may often be advantageous because you can count hits from multiple Supa Kannons before rolling to wound, thus potentially allowing you to hit more models in total.

Heavy-Weight Trukk: Reinforced Ram, Boarding Plank, any unit size you want. The biggest restriction to fielding these in mass is that they use up a Heavy Support slot. However, as you can take a squadron of 3, you can still potentially field 9 in total as you would in a Trukk rush style list. As far as which units to put inside, you can pretty much use anything you would put inside a regular Trukk, only in this case a stiff breeze will not destroy your transport.

Dual-Purpose Vehicle: Big Lobba, Reinforced Ram, Boarding Plank. The reduced transport capacity makes using your Big Trakk this way highly situation. However, if you have a unit that takes up only 6 spaces, such as a minimum squad of MegaNobz, a few extra points will give you some additional firepower after your MegaNobz are in combat and allow you an extra solution against the hordes of infantry that MegaNobz often find troublesome.

Grot Tank Mob

Grot Tanks are AV 10 vehicles with 2 HP with a 5+ invulnerable save against any attacks that do not have the Armourbane, Destroyer, or Ordnance special rules. This even applies in assault. Apparently Forgeworld did not get the message that Orks aren’t supposed to have inv. saves. The tanks themselves are 30 points each and do not come with any weapons. This means you are looking at 35 points minimum if you only want a Big Shoota. However, the real reason to field these vehicles, aside from the fact that they are amazingly adorable and have a 5+ inv. save, is that for 10 points you can get a Grotzooka. This makes a Grot Tank 15 points cheaper than a Killa Kan with the same gun. Admittedly, it has worse armor and no attacks in assault, but did I mention that it has an inv. save?

Grot Tanks ignore difficult terrain, but take dangerous terrain tests as normal for a vehicle. However, rather than moving in a rational way, Grot Tanks move 2d6” in the movement phase and if they elect to move flat out basically run D6”. The Kommanda upgrade allows you to reroll the distance for your move in either phase. Furthermore, the Kommanda upgrade allows your command tank to take an additional weapon. Take another Grotzooka.

All of that awesomeness aside, in order to unlock these guys you will need to include a Big Mek in your army. Otherwise you are restricted to fielding them in the ridiculously mediocre Dred Mob Army list (not to be confused with the Dred Mob Formation).

Suggested Builds:

3 Grot Tanks: Grotzookas. Keep this unit cheap and disposable. It will still put out 6 small blasts a turn and has a fairly sizeable footprint thanks to 4” coherency on vehicle squadrons.

6 Grot Tanks: Grotzookas, Kommanda, additional Grotzooka. This unit is really large and costs almost as much as a max squad of Warbikers. If your opponent has a lot of Blast weapons such as Manticores or Basilisks you will want to spread out your models. This will of course make it very difficult to use all of your blasts, but it will keep your tanks alive. Ini contrast, if your opponent does not have any Large Blasts and you are thus able to clump your tanks together more, the amount of firepower this unit puts out is immense. Here it is important to remember that models which are part of the firing unit do not block line of sight, and thus one Grot Tank will not prevent a different Grot Tank from seeing your intended target. This unit is also great for blocking beakie Drop Pods and thus screening your more fragile units from their Drop Pod shenanigans as Grot Tanks will get their inv. save against both Grav and Melta weapons.

Gun Wagons

Where Big Trakks are heavier Trukks, Gun Wagons are lighter Battlewagons. They have an AV of 13/12/10 and only 3 Hull Points instead of 4. They also come with a twin-linked Big Shoota and can get the same cheaper Boarding Plank as a Big Trakk. However, of all the Ork transports Gun Wagons hold the fewest models as they have a transport capacity of only 10. This makes them ideal for transporting units that will have fewer models such as MegaNobz from the Bully Boyz Formation or Flash Gitz. They can also be taken in Squadrons of up to three making them ideal for Highlander formats.

Suggested Builds:

Squadron of 3: Reinforced Rams and Boarding Planks on all 3 vehicles. Use this squadron as transports for the Bully Boyz formation. You will have to keep all 3 squads reasonably close together, but even if your opponent goes first you will be able to advance at least 1 or of your transports 12-18” up the field.

Squadron of 3 (Highlander): Reinforced Rams and Boarding Planks on all 3 vehicles. Use these as transports for three separate units in a Highlander setting to gain access to a Blitz Brigade style list. Pair it with a single Battlewagon and/or a unit of 3 Big Trakks.

Skalk Bluetoof (Forge World):

Missed because he only gets mentioned much later in IA8, but unlike all of the other special campaign characters, he does have a listing as an HQ choice for a normal Orks army. He's an old wily Death Skull and has -1 Strength compared to a normal Warboss and also misses out on "Ere we go" because it's from an older version of the rules. However, he has Eternal Warrior due his luckiness, a Kustom Mega Blasta that only Meks usually get and his army may take a mob of Lootas as a Troops choice because of the Deathskulls penchant for nicking everything. As a final bonus, he and a squad of Nobs may be mounted on "Bonemuncha" (a Gargantuan Squiggoth) as a unit option not a Lord of War choice. Gargantuan Squiggoths are hugely overcosted compaired to other gargantuan creatures * cough wraithknights cough, knights* but if you want to take something that is not a stompa this would be an interesting choice just get a big mek with a KFF in there.

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also i got this crazy big wunder rokkit (krommlech??)model (grot guided) dont even know from where, thinking just use as grot bomm from stompa stats( new ork codex) or forge stats?? your thoughts ???

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