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Well this place hasn't seen any action in a while so...

Nice combo that a few people seem to have come up with but not well enough know for me...

Unit of 10 Deathmarks for 180pts
1 Destroyer Lord at 110 + any additional stuff you want to buy.

Deepstrike the unit in 12" of the target unit and using Hunters from Hyperspace rule you will be wounding on 2+
So the Destro Lord has Preferred Enemy, allowing you to reroll all 1s to hit and wound in both melee and ranged.
20 shots if in 12" hitting on 3s (rerolling 1s) from the Deathmarks. So 15.555... hit (just under 4 are precision shots). Then wounding on 2s rerolling 1s means 15.162 wounds, of which 3.037 are AP2, the rest are AP5. Against any enemy regardless of toughness.

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Illuminor Szeras sits in a Ghost Ark with two large units of Warriors flanking it. Gives his aura a huge range increase covering both squads with a 4++ without needing a Decurion, and gives the Ghost Ark a Str8 AP2 'turret'. The Augmentation is a neat bonus to one unit - +1 Toughness is the fist-pump, but BS5 ain't half bad.

Nemesor Zahndrekh stands in a gunline with a Triarch Stalker and picks Target Priority from the Command table for re-roll 1s to hit. Triarch Stalker increases all Necrons to BS5 - you're basically auto-hitting at that point.

Conclave of the Burning One with the God Shackle and Veil of Darkness - C'tan are bad, but this is the best way of running one I think. T8 is a big improvement to make him immune to small arms fire and significantly tougher against the all-too-common Str6 and 7 torrent, and the Veil lets him get to where he needs to be.

Cryptek with the Solar Staff with Lychguard in a Night Scythe. Ungodly tough unit that if you can deliver it to where it needs to be and can stop the enemy running away from it, will take the heart out of an army.
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