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So it's a 750pts comp played on 4 by 4 board, restrictions are

1 hq
1 elite
Unlimited troops
1 fast attack
1 heavy support
So this is what I've come up with

TOTAL 750pts

HQ 95pts
Rune priest, ML1, phychic hood, rune axe,

Troops 435pts
9 grey hunters, wolf guard(pair wolfclaws), 2 flames, standard, rhino
10 grey hunters), 2 flames, rhino

Heavy support 220pts
5 Long fangs, 2 plasma cannon, 2 lascannon, razor back( lascannon)

I'm planning on putting rune priest with long fangs in razor back to hopeful give shrouded too keep the long fangs alive and keep back in support because he'll not do well in a challenge. Long fangs to hold back and drop armour and troops with plasma they will reach any where in the board.
Grey hunters with wolf guard to secure obj furthest away and use flames for over watch and anti infantry.
Other unit of GH secure back field obj.
I could swop out long fangs for a stormfang with abit of rejigging.

Not much to go on but that's what I've got I always struggle at low points.
Any advice welcome
Thanks guys

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Cheers I Deffo like the drop pod melta, this low points piss me off always feels like I'm missing something but I suppose it is quite challenging to get right.
would you run a small list with out any psychic ability ?
Do you think it's worth dropping the razor back and spending else where or keep it for the extra laz ?
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