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My local GW store is having a tournament in September, I don't know if I'll be able to get there but I thought I'd make a list just incase I'm not working/my girlfriend lets me. Simple rules for this 750 (patrol) army is 1 HQ and 1 Troop compulsory, then optional are 1 Elite, 4 Troops, 1 Fast, 1 Heavy. After this you are allowed 75 points of supplies, which can be used to upgrade a squads weapons/ models load outs, but cannot be used to ADD weapons etc, so their example is you can have a Dev squad with HBs and upgrade 75 points worth to missile launchers, but can't have 2 HBs then ADD a missile launcher (hope that makes sense). Here goes.


Lord Eliphas - Slaughterer's Horns, Daemon Heart, MoN, SoC - 155


18x Cultists - 82

7x Plague Marines - 2x flamers, Melta Bombs - 207


Helldrake - Hades A/C - 170


Vindi - combi bolter, siege shield - 135

Total - 749

Supplies - upgrade CCW on lord to BotR (30)
- upgrade 2 flamers to Meltas (20)
- upgrade plague marine champion bolter to combi-melta (10)
- upgrade cultists pistols to autoguns x15 (15)
Total- 75 points.

This list has pretty much everything you need (I feel). A kick arse lord who can handle himself in a fight, a shield wall for the vindi (cultists), anti everything squad in the plague marines (lord accompanies) and a flyer to wreck all the vehicles.

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You'd have trouble if somebody brings a a Riptide or Wraithknight, but beyond that, it counters most things nicely. I'd personally much rather Daemonic Possession on the Vindi than a siege shield, for the ability to ignore 2/3 of the pen table. I think 7e has brought back Vindi DP!

Hmm. That sentence really only makes sense as an innuendo if you bring two Vindis. Forget I said it.
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