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750 pt Pre-Hersey Night Lords

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This is a small list I wrote up for the Pre-Heresy Night Lords army I'm in the process of building. I've played vanilla marines for a few years and I wanted something different, but still marines :). I'm a huge fan of the Horus Hersey( actually most background material), so decided to make an army for one of the original legions.

748 pts


Space Marine Captain, power weapon: 110 pts


10x Tactical Marines, Missie Launcher, Melta gun, drop pod: 210 pts

10x Tactical Marines, Missie Launcher, Melta gun, drop pod: 210 pts

5x Tactical Marines, Melta gun: 95 pts

Fast Attack

6x Assault Marines, melta bombs: 123 pts

Some Background:

Sense these are Night Lords, I felt having the majority of them arrive by drop pods instead of rhinos was more appropriate. I plan to model the caption to resemble the Grim Reaper. Were other legions have special inner- circle's(Monrival, Deathshourd, Phoenix Guard) the Night Lords have Death's Hand. A single marine caption, selected by Night Haunter to act as his personal champion. The Night Lord's equivalent to the Black Templar's Emperor's champion. He leads select group's of Night Lords in Kruz's absence, often times appearing from out of know where. His identity is a mystery to all but the Primarch. (terrible fan fluff, I know!)

Thanks for the input and for listening to my silly fan fluff. C & C is very welcome!
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Night Lords used a lot of jump pack troopers; so if you're not 100% happy with drop pods grab the BA codex & have some jump pack fun.

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