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you should play nids like any other enemy. a solution to each aspect of the game.
take some:
long range str 6-8 for MC and transports
some short range str 7-8 for when scary stuff hits your 18 inch zone.
(in bigger games) str 9-10 weapons to counter bigger spearheads you will begin to see.
and enough str 3-5 shots to rip through the hordes of troops.

I personally love flamers and heavy bolters against nids, Grenade launchers do well too in use with rapid fire situations.

some basic guard army list tips are
never take plasma pistols.
always max out each special weapon and heavy weapon slot with somthing!
autocannon/GL is a great combo for IS
never mix weapons inside a HWS, or vet squads or even combined IS use the same weapon types within each unit so they have a true purpose.

this should be easy once you remove the MoO and the PP from the army. revise your list!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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