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Made this list for a friend and looking through it, the list can be quite mean

Chaos lord:Dark Blade, combi bolter, terminator armor, bionics, spikybits. daemonic mutation, daemonic resilience, daemonic strength, daemonic essence, personal icon(188 points)
Terminator retinuex4+reaper autocannon(164 Points)

CSM squadx5 hvy bolter, plasma gun, MoCU,(90) thinkin about taking away some things to add tank hunters to them, Champ: Power Fistm combibolter, daemonic mutation, daemonic str, daem vissage, MoCU(63)

Bloodlettersx5(130) pretty nasty if you manage to get them in with the termies, thinking about dropping some points on lord and champ to add a 6th

>>Heavy Support<<
Chaos Dreadnaught: Plasma cannon(115)

Comes out to be 750 points exactly, any points or anything is helpful, and i was making it in a hurry and just for the hell of it for my friend so he could use my chaos(hes tryin to get into chaos too) in a game but his own list, so if anyone can see some points better spent, i kno theres alot of unnesisairy things in there so please tips and such are apreaciated :D
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