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I am entering a tournament in August; it's been about four years since I played competitively and almost to years since I last played Warhammer 40k; due to work, university and getting old... lol.

I'm entering the tournament with my Soul Drinkers army; now because they don't really have there own vehicles (due to there preference drop pod and ship-to-ship assaults) I'm going to play vehicles as commandeered Crimson Fist vehicles (as the chapter loves hi-jacking vehicles and driving in to the middle of the enemy or objective them cutting them to shreds).

I'm not playing drop pods; though it was my first intention, because I've read that in 5th ed. they suck unless supporting sufficient ground units and in 750pts that is going to be hard. I read a couple posts, and for the pure fact I would love to field a land raider and hoping opponents will have limitations in dealing with 14 14 14 armour I want to field one.

The list so far:

Librarian Tyrendian - 100Pts
- The Avenger (great fluff-wise)
- Force Dome

10 Tactical Marines - 185Pts
Power Weapon, Flamer, Missile Launcher

5 Scouts ~ Squad Eumenes - 85Pts
Sniper Rifles & Heavy Bolter (Hellfire Rounds)

Commandeered Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer - 270/260Pts
Fitted with Hunter Killer Missile & Multi-Melta

Techmarine Lygris & Thunderfire Cannon - 100Pts
1 x Servitor attached to unit.

Total Points: 750/740

The plan is to send Librarian Tyrendian and the tactical squad up the flank in the Land Raider and disembark in one of the enemies quarters forming a firing line. If I play a Crusader this will likely stay back with them and provide suppression fire against any advancing units. Techmarine Lygris will cover the opposing flank varying the payload as necessary; while scout squad Eumenes will attempt to enter cover near Lygris and pin down any units attempting to advance on table half.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated; I'm going to be having 2-3 test matches a week to ensure I tweak it enough; and will keep you updated on the progess.

I'm also considering going for the Blood Angel codex instead and using close combat marines as troops replacing the tactical squad. However, this would mean I lose the Thunderfire Cannon....

What are your thoughts?
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