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From my blog so to see the list go there, to see the thoughts and growing of the list go there.....go there and post comenty goodness.

Well game 3 vs 750 point IG.

I went with the previously mentioned 750 point list.

From memory he had a hq squad with a missile launcher, a support squad of snipers.
a missile grenade squad, a heavy bolter squad,
storm troopers in a chimera, and Battle sisters.
was another troop but forget what was there may have been his troop hq, it had a missile launcher.

3 pieces of relevant cover(there where others but played little to no role in how we played)
On my side a huge hill on my left, and tree's on my right, the tree's where within 12" so i could deploy into them(but not past.)

On his side and my left(all left right will be from my point of view) was a similar set of tree's. we said 5+ save and can't see through it.

For deployment i let him deploy first but since he had no heavies it did not really mater. I set down my tank behind the hill. Next we did fast attack and since he had none i put down my sentinels, one next to my tank behind the hill, the other 2 behind the tree's.

For troops his HB went behind his set of tree,s and his chimera w/ storm troopers went there as well. His battle sisters deployed into the tree's..i never even noticed they where power armor just thought they where guard...armies where mostly unpainted(it was dark, i was drunk she was hot... sorry wrong blog).
in the center left to right his troop HQ, missile grenade squad, snipers, HQ w/ missile.

For my troops i had the autocannon squad in the tree cover, beside them i stuck my troop HQ. to the right and out side of cover my conscripts, behind them my HSO and las cannon.(set up so he could see between the 2 pieces of cover so he could shoot the chimera if it moved forward.) to the right but in the open my Hb squad. I hope to add pictures.

I won first turn....yippie!

turn 1

I move my tank 6" out from behind the hill, my right sentinel moves to the other hill hoping to advance up the side and draw fire. Conscripts move forward, my troop HQ moves into cover(they where beside it, my troop took all the cover within 12" but there was still 3" of cover left. My sentinels where no longer behind the tree's.

I shot my battle cannon first on his troop HQ as it had a missile launcher and i was paranoid about losing my tank.

I rolled a 6 for scatter but the scatter die was spot on....i hit all of them. i killed all but 3...so they ran. was amazed.(again not sure what it was as there was more than 5 people in it.)

Since i moved the conscripts everything was out of range except heavy weapons. the las cannon missed the troops i shot at(was shooting the missile squad in the middle). the HB killed 2 troops in the missile squad.

the 2 right sentinels managed 2 wounds between them on the HB squad. the right sentinel killed one trooper.
the auto cannon also killed one of the hb squad.

For his turn very little moved. the chimera moved out from behind cover.

on the right a missile went for my sentinel hit...and he rolled a 1. yay.(as he was saying ya it's dead unless..pause roll... %#$%#)
on the left the chimera went for the sentinels as did the heavy bolter. one sentinel did well but eventually fell. But the second Sentinel took very few shots and stood firm. Doh, but that is shots not on my troops.

His other missiles failed to hit(thank goodness conscripts where all huddled up.)
his snipers killed one member of my hb squad.
not much else happened.

Turn 2
For my turn again my conscripts again moved forward and my troop HQ moved forward but could not make it to one of the pieces of tiny cover between the big cover. the right sentinel again moved up.

The tank shot again, and scattered off. the sentinels shot at the same targets and killed a troop each, this time the conscripts could shoot...well 5 of them....they killed nothing due to the 3+ save of the sisters.

again the auto cannon shot the left HB squad killing one. the HB again shot the missle squad also killing one.

I could not assault it was not even close.

He moved his chimera around behind the cover and deployed his storm troopers. for shooting on the right he again shot my sentinel but missed.

the HB shot my troop HQ and killed 2. his storm troopers laced into my conscripts killing 5..ouch. no armor save hurts. snipers also hit my conscripts. killing 1.
the battle sisters also shot into the conscripts killing 3.(btw i passed all moral checks until my conscript one later.)
Also his broken squad rallied as it was in rank of his officer.

So that was that....
turn 3
Next i managed to move my conscripts closer...within assault range.
But he ignored my troop HQ with the 2 flamers!
i moved them forward as well. I forgot to move my sentinel.

For shooting I shoot my 2 flamers into his battle sisters hitting all but 1. I killed all but 3!
my battle cannon again missed.
also my las cannon missed the chimera.(latter found out this was good as it would have killed my conscripts if it blew up.

I focused the left sentinels shot on the missile launcher squad killing one(i think) and the other sentinel shot killing nothing. the auto cannon and bolter shot at the storm troopers hoping to diminish there numbers...the las guns from the HB squad could also hit.(well all but one) So i shot them and killed a few(3-4) after that i assaulted into the Storm troopers. he attacked at the same time(hmm close order) he killed 2...i killed all the storm troopers. he took 3 conscripts i did more wounds than he had men...i killed them all. I manged to consolidate into his battle sisters in cover so no assault no flamers. Like a fool i left my troop hq in the open as the sister wheres tied up and i hoped they would survive long enough to assault into the HB squad.

His turn the previously broken squad assaulted into my conscripts, On the right his missile launcher gain went for the sentinel...he hit, and rolled a 6... kaboom.
his other missile shot at my HB squad only to miss, the his left HB squad moved up. and thus could not shoot the HB. But the troop HQ got shot in the face... but one flamer lived(thought next turn when i assault in he would do more than the J/o), but the snipers or someone else ended that hope. h
In combat many conscripts died , some of his troops died.(focused the squad as the sisters would simply eat them.)
My conscripts out of leadership now ran though. But i was happy i ran 6" he ran 3 and 4.
This let me shoot at him.
turn 5
my HB wiped the battle sisters, and my auto cannon wiped the HB squad.
I finally managed to hit something with the battle cannon again! i hit his sniper squad killing 3. so all the snipers remained standing.
the sentinel shot but did little.

Now was his turn he did not move as assaulting was not in his favor. He had little to shoot but killed a few men....and here is the bad part.
he killed my last sentinel right next to my HSO, some conscripts and the auto cannons squad.
and he blew up big, wiping out all but the HSO and killing 2 members of the running conscripts and autocannon squad.

I HAD NO IDEA THAT COULD HAPPEN... i need a rule book. I am so deep striking those buggers next time.

end of turn.


HSO passes moral, joins the auto cannon squad(with out moving.)
Nothing moves except conscripts who keep running.
For shooting leman russ misses again but i probably should have used the las cannon instead.
I wiped those chasing my conscripts and wiped the las cannon squad...finally.

He shot but did almost nothing except remove a trooper from my HB squad.

In the end it appeared i had handily won but the sentinel really cost me.
he had one launcher left, chimera, 3 snipers, and his command. I had a lemanruss, HB, auto cannon left. all over 1/2 strength.

In the end though the point difference came down to a draw.. a good game and i learned a lot from my mistakes.

I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

1) AV14 is tough...use that tank...a tank sitting hiding does little, it is to draw fire. It did not make it's points back and could have been av 1 for all the shots it took(none)
2)flamers are good as long as your foe can't assault 12"
3)conscripts need an officer
4)Move sentinels all the way forward, they are free kills and when they blow up they can kill your entire command squad and some conscripts. will deep strike em now
5)las cannons are really not all that...don't think it killed a single thing, also sticking it on a squad that moves is bad......but wanted one incase he brought a leman
6) Heavy bolters should go on a leman....or just the las cannon, all 3 weapons is silly. I did not use any of them anyways. though 9 HB shots sounds mean...but meaner than a battle cannon?
7) Cover will be very important vs space marines, those bolters deney my armor...an entire army like that would be brutal....so vs SM stay in cover.
8 ) sentinels give free victory points.
9) Heavy weapons in squads are very durable....it was not until they end i even got close to killing that missile launcher...putting a HW in plane site is some cover just to taunt the enemy may be worth while.
10) a las cannon in cover would be great just sitting there looking scary.
11) Ink washes look really good done on cloth models and probably takes a fair bit less time..will have to investigate.

So will work on those items.
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