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750 Point First Game

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This will be my first game with CSM. Until now I've only ever played Chaos Daemons and as such have a daemon prince for an HQ and a Soul Grinder for a Defiler (I ordered a vindicator on ebay and I think I'd rather use it for this list but we'll see if it gets here in time). I'll probably be against Eldar.

Daemon Prince w/ MoS, LoS, Wings

7 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster, 3 Sonic Blasters, Extra Armored Rhino, and a Champion with a Doom Siren
6 Noise Marines w/ Blastmaster and 2 Sonic Blasters

Heavy Support:
Vindicator w/ Possession and Heavy Bolter (This would be a defensive weapon right?)

I guess I'd like to know how this list will do as well as what I should buy next. I'm planning on just doing Slaanesh and Nurgle atm. Note that as of right now I just have 16 Noise Marines, a Noise Champion, a Chaos Lord, and a Rhino in terms of CSM models. My Daemons could provide 2 princes, one Soul Grinder for a defiler, and a bunch of summoned greater and lesser daemons
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You need to rethink your tactics a little;

In my opinion noise marines are soley anti-infantry, the blastmaster is mostly used if they get in a tight spot (trapped with termies) or to make an easy kill or two, the noise marines should move into 24 inches with assault 2 then unleash hell with heavy 3 and a bit of doom siren. Rhinos are nearly mandatory in this squad as it gets them within 24inches quicker and allows the blastmaster or doom siren to fire out.

The Dp is okay (i would have gone for sorcerer with MoT (who cares about slaanesh theme) Gift and maybe termie armour, this build gives you two chances turning an enemy into spawn and is decent in CC), although everybody seems to take that build, how about warptime? great on Eldar (every kill counts) especially if he tries to bog you with guardians. MoS is probably the best mark for a DP as the tougness is, well meh (he's already tough enough), the extra psychic power is of no use and khorne gives him no psychic power at all!!!

On the defliver v.s Vindicator thing go for the defiler definetly, you will obiously need something for CC and once the Vindicator looses its weapon it becomes a waist of points. The defiler is much better as it can tear up in melee and in range, like so on and such said earlier give it 4 DCCW and the B-Cannon.

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